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The Robbie Levine Foundation

Address: P.O. Box 268

Merrick, NY 11566 

Phone: 516-379-2868


About The Robbie Levine Foundation:

The Robbie Levine Foundation was founded to honor the memory of Robbie Levine, a happy, healthy nine-year-old boy whose life revolved around his family, his friends and baseball. Robbie died suddenly on September 27, 2005 when his heart stopped while he was running the bases during a Little League team practice.

A healthy fourth grader, Robbie had experienced a dizzy spell during practice several months earlier, but testing by a pediatric cardiologist did not detect any health problems. When Robbie collapsed on the ball field, no defibrillator was available on the scene and, although his father, Dr. Craig Levine, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Robbie could not be revived.

In the wake of this unimaginable tragedy in their lives, Robbie's parents, Jill and Dr. Craig Levine, created the Robbie Levine Foundation to ensure that no other parent, on the ball field or anywhere else, should have to undergo the horror that they have faced.

It is their devotion to fostering heart health and supporting individuals with heart disease through education, support and technology that is the driving force behind the establishment and continuing operations of the Robbie Levine foundation.

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