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Tennis Racquets for Kids

Address: 287 Northern Blvd.

Great Neck, NY 11021 

Phone: 516.482.3401


About Tennis Racquets for Kids:

We are currently freshmen at a public high school in Long Island, New York. We have enjoyed playing tennis since we were in the fourth grade. In case you haven't realized, we are twins. We have also had the privilege of competing in many local, sectional, and national junior USTA tournaments. Recently, we have begun to play in the age 16 divisions. Over the past several years, we have switched the racquets that we have played with, a few times. We know many other players who have done the same thing. This practice had led us to ask the question, “What should we do with the old racquets?” They can still be used. So, we decided to create a non-profit organization which channels racquets that players are no longer using, into the hands of children who need them. Many children and their families may be discouraged from playing tennis, because it is a costly sport. Tennis equipment and instruction are expensive. We would like all children who desire to begin playing, or to continue playing, to have the opportunity to do so. Tennis is a life-long sport that creates friendships, maintains good health, and promotes family fun. Tennis has enhanced our lives enormously, and we would like to spread our "love" of the game to all children. By distributing new and used racquets from other players and sponsors, we will be helping other children realize their dreams of playing tennis.

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