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Address: 4950 Murphy Canyon Road

San Diego, CA 92123 United States

Phone: 8585988220


About StandWithUs:

StandWithUs is dedicated to educating people of all ages. We ensure that the story of Israel’s achievements and ongoing challenges is told in middle schools, high schools, on college campuses, over social media, and in communities around the world. StandWithUs defends students when they are faced with anti-Semitism and hatred at school or elsewhere. Our eighteen offices in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Jerusalem help us have maximum impact. We work to ensure that there will always be a safe home for the Jewish people and help connect people to the place we love most, Israel!
Description of volunteer opportunity: Our staff and volunteers are inspired by our love for Israel and the belief that education is the road to peace. What we do would not be possible without both the participation and support of the Jewish community. We encourage Bnei Mitzvah to get involved by helping to support our efforts to fight antisemitism and educating teens just like them about Israel. Bnei Mitzvah can host creative fundraisers and help bring SWU’s educational programs to their communities or even start their own social media campaigns to share Israel with their guests. Bnei Mitzvah can support include these programs and more:
• Israel Link: Israel Link is a fun interactive program that fosters a love for Israel in middle schools around North America. Help teens just like you learn about the Jewish connection to Israel so that they can see why you love Israel so much!
• Israel Education Center in the heart of Jerusalem: The StandWithUs Israel Education Center shares Israel’s values from the heart of Jerusalem. StandWithUs social media tells Israel’s story to millions of people every day. Our Israeli Soldiers tour brings IDF soldiers to communities around the world to share their experiences and what it means to defend Israel’s safety.
• Israeli Soldiers Tour: Each year StandWithUS trains over 200 Israeli soldiers in the most effective ways to share their personal stories and their experiences in the IDF. Soldiers tour so communities around the world.

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