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Sam’s Hope

Address: 901A E. Willow Grove Avenue

Wyndmoor, PA 19038 

Phone: 267-753-0510


About Sam's Hope:

Our Mission is a Simple One:

To save the lives of companion animals by keeping them out of shelters (where they face a very uncertain future*), and with their families.

We achieve our mission through the following programs:

• Sam’s Hope Pet Food Program – Providing pet food assistance via food pantries and other organizations that provide assistance to the financially challenged, elderly and disabled, as well as directly to pet owners who live outside of the food pantry service areas.

• Sam’s Hope Vet Care Program – Providing veterinary care assistance to financially challenged, elderly and disabled pet owners.

Approximately 50% of pets surrendered to shelters never find a new home, and sadly, are euthanized. Our Hope that all pets can live as ours do, in a loving, forever home with uncompromised care.

As a mitzvah project, you have a variety of ways to help:

Host a Pet Food Collection Drive at your school, synagogue, at a local food market or business, or in your neighborhood.
Host a Coin Collection Drive – place coin collection cans at local businesses, restaurants, pet stores, etc.
Create Your Own Fundraiser by hosting an Event such as a car wash, bake sale, or flea market.

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