KleinLife | MitzvahMarket | MitzvahMarket


Address: 10100 Jamison Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19116 

Phone: 215 698-7300

Website: https://kleinlife.org/

About KleinLife:

Rooted in Jewish values, KleinLife is an important destination for the region’s Jewish population—young and old. It serves as a lively home-away-from-home for seniors and a welcoming gathering place for Russian Jews.
Driven by the needs of its constituents, KleinLife tailors its high quality programming to the diverse community it serves, and utilizes connections, creativity and business acumen to fill service gaps. Members have the best of both worlds—programs and services developed by KleinLife professionals who have a rich history and knowledge of the community, blended with specialty services offered by partner organizations that bring specific expertise, resources and a shared vision of wellbeing. This approach allows KleinLife to respond effectively to the evolving interests and needs of the community, while remaining nimble in the face of ever-changing environmental factors.

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