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Address: 3840 Loop Road

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 USA

Phone: 215-901-4863

Website: www.igotvax.com

About igotvax:

Jackson & Jacob are 12 year-old cousins hailing from the Philadelphia and DC regions. Jackson is in 7th grade and Jacob is in 6th. Having missed out on all the things because of this global pandemic...these boys wanted to be a part of the push to get life back to normal. Both planning their Bar Mitzvahs ✡️ they wanted to come up with a mitzvah project that would make a safe & responsible impact. The idea to sell a wristband was brought up, one that would go viral #️⃣ #igotvax #️⃣ The hope was that people getting the vaccine would wear it & share it, spreading awareness while making it fun. The boys heard about

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