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Furniture Sharehouse

Address: PO Box 702

Larchmont, NY 10538 

Phone: 914-834-1294


About Furniture Sharehouse:

Furniture Sharehouse, Westchester County's only furniture bank, "nourishes" families by helping them turn empty apartments into real homes. Furniture Sharehouse collects gently used furniture from the public and redistributes these pieces for free to impoverished Westchester families, enabling them to create a comfortable, stable home where they can rebuild their lives. Clients include women fleeing domestic violence, families leaving homeless shelters, victims of fires or floods, people with disabilities, senior citizens surviving on little income, struggling veterans, and many others. We bring furniture to our warehouse at the Westchester County Airport, and social service agencies arrange to bring their clients to select their own furnishings.

Basic furnishings are the foundations of a home, helping people regain self-respect and dignity. Instead of facing a bleak, empty apartment and sleeping on the cold, hard floor, families get a good night's sleep in a soft, warm bed and most of all, they gain a sense of hope for the future. Mitzvah projects can include collecting lamps, mirrors, small kitchen appliances or a furniture drive.

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