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Chicago Chesed Fund

Address: 7045 North Ridgeway

Lincolnwood, IL 60712 USA

Phone: 847-679-7799


About Chicago Chesed Fund:

The Chicago Chesed Fund is an organization that meets the many needs of the Chicago Jewish community. CCF has a 44,000 square foot warehouse filled with a food pantry, free furniture and clothing stores, and assist with utility bills, jobs, and so much more.

One of the many programs includes the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project. Through this program, Chicago Chesed Fund pays to dress a Bar or Bat mitzvah child who cannot afford the proper attire to wear to their celebration. This need was discovered and CCF stepped in to fill it.

There are families who can not afford to buy their child something nice for their big day, and other children have stepped in by donating their Bar/Bat Mitzvah money to this cause. When the Chicago Chesed Fund is notified about these circumstances they allocate the funds that have been donated to this specific project. Often, class parents will unite together to assist a family who needs help with the expenses that come along with a Bas or Bat Mitzvah.

Even more, the child celebrating their big day does not know that their parents are taking them shopping using funds donated via Chicago Chesed Fund. They just know that they will look as put-together as all of their friends. The parents are offered the opportunity in the most respectful manner. On multiple occasions, the parent who received the call from CCF has actually cried tears of relief and appreciation. No mention is made of the donor. The parent is offered a choice to tell their child about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah project or not.

We'd love to partner up with the Mitzvah Market to allow more Bar and Bat Mitzvah children to share the gift of giving. The organization truly is the Chicago “Kindness” Fund

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