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Chai Lifeline

Address: 151 W 30th Street

New York, NY 10001 

Phone: 212-465-1300


About Chai Lifeline:

Chai Lifeline strivest to find ways to bring joy to the lives of our young patients and their families through creative, innovative, and effective family-centered programs, activities, and services. You may help them in their fight to
engender hope and optimism in children, families, and communities;
educate and involve communities in caring for ill children and their families;
provide unparalleled support throughout the child’s illness, recovery, and beyond;
offer all services free of charge to ensure that every family has access to the programs it needs;
embody the ideals of compassion, kindness, and caring for others inherent in Jewish culture and life. There are ways to get involved in various New York City locations, anything from assisting with summer camps to offering counseling!

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