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Camp Courant

Address: 285 Broad Street

Hartford, CT 06115 

Phone: 860-244-2835


About Camp Courant:

Hartford’s Camp Courant is a 117-year-old summer program for children, ages five to 12, who live in Hartford. The camp operates for six weeks during the summer months, but it involves volunteers, businesses and other organizations year-round. Here are just some of the ways you or your organization can help us fulfill our mission “to provide a summer sanctuary for Hartford’s children, which enables them to develop positive relationships, learn and have fun.”

It costs approximately $816,000 a year to provide a range of interesting and educational programs for nearly 1,200 Hartford children for six weeks each summer. Your financial support will help us provide all of camp’s services including transportation, nutritious meals, health care and a bathing suit, if needed. It costs $25 per day per child to provide these services, $125 a week and $750 per child for six weeks.

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