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Breaking the Chain Through Education

Address: 38 Marion Rd

Verona, NJ 07044 

Phone: 732-221-8745


About Breaking the Chain Through Education:

Breaking the Chain Through Education Inc. aims to eradicate child slave trafficking in impoverished regions of Ghana through a variety of approaches. By establishing schools in destitute villages, we provide local fishermen and their children with educational opportunities and alternatives ways of earning their living; in exchange trafficked children they employ are set free and returned to life with their families.

In other villages and regions, we work to educate parents and create a culture where trafficking is not acceptable, while providing funds to rescue and rehabilitate their children. We believe that all children have the right to freedom and to be educated. In the hopes of diminishing the reach of child trafficking and helping to eliminate some of its root causes, our funds are dedicated to: the building and maintenance of local schools; the rescue, rehabilitation and education of formerly trafficked children; ensuring the continued safety and security of our rescued children and their access to secondary education; providing seed money and microloans to the children’s families to lessen the grip of poverty and the cycle of trafficking.

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