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American Friends of Migdal Ohr

Address: 1560 Broadway

New York, NY 10036 

Phone: 212-397-8515


About American Friends of Migdal Ohr:

Migdal Ohr is the most expansive organization for Jewish children at risk across Israel. Our 800+ staff primarily serve over 15,000 orphaned, abused or impoverished children (from birth to adulthood) daily by providing free essential services. These services can include housing, clothing and food, medical care, secular and religious education, psychological counseling, and recreational activities. Migdal Ohr has three campuses and 160 Youth Clubs. Graduates go on to become productive Israeli citizens, including doctors, lawyers, and business leaders. Migdal Ohr has 14 schools across 3 educational campuses. The main campus, Migdal Ha’emek, includes day care centers, elementary and junior high schools, high schools, modern dormitories, dining halls, indoor sports facilities, and a medical center. Furthermore, MIgdal Ohr offers trade and vocational programs in music (Sulamot), dance (Mayumana), culinary arts (Mevashlim L’Atid), computer science, and electric engineering to students of various age.
The second campus hosts the Zoharim Youth Village, which offers a safe home, junior high school, high school, and stable working environment for troubled Orthodox boys. Specialized support, encouragement, and a holistic educational framework, comprised of both high level education and specialized vocational training, are provided to youth at risk. The objective of this campus program is to inspire these young men with self-confidence, help them to seamlessly integrate into army service, and empower them to lead successful lives in the profession of their choosing.
Gan Yavne, Migdal Ohr’s third and newest campus, is an academic college for young Orthodox men. It provides equal opportunity for this sector of society to acquire a prestigious academic degree on the way to optimal integration in the employment world. Each student receives individual attention and guidance in a warm and caring environment throughout the duration of their studies.
In addition to providing a strong and well-rounded educational system for children and teenagers, Migdal Ohr also administers a spectrum of social services to families and individuals in need. These include:
1) 160 Ohr Yisraeli Youth Clubs that organize after-school study sessions, social and recreational activities, community volunteer and mentoring projects for at-risk youth with the aim of giving them a healthy alternative to harmful influences on the streets.
2) Summer Camp Program for children of all ages.
3) A National Civilian Service Program, which pairs young men with a professional employment counselor to be assessed and matched with an appropriate volunteer placement. National service in Israel is mandatory for all citizens, and MIgdal Ohr ensures that the experience is smooth and successful for participants.
4) A Prisoner Rehabilitation Program, which offers emotional and spiritual support to Israeli prisoners and enables them to integrate into society and lead productive lives.
5) Chag Saveah Project distributes 25,000 food packages and vouchers to needy families across Israel at Passover and Rosh HaShanah.
6) Migdal Ohr Bridal Program provides its alumni couples with the basic necessities for their weddings, including: a wedding dress for the bride, a venue, catering and entertainment for the guests and a modest sum of money for the couple to begin their new lives together.

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