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American Friends of Kishorit

Address: Mobile Post Office Bikat Beit

Israel,  2012300 

Phone: 972-4-908-5110


About American Friends of Kishorit:

Kishorit is a kibbutz in Israel's Galilee for 160 adults with special needs. Kishorit offers a continuum of residential, vocational and social services. Members can choose to live in the kibbutz setting or in our supported apartments in the nearby city of Carmiel. They can work in the general community or in one of our ten kibbutz businesses, and they can take advantage of a wide range of leisure time activities that take place daily. Kishorit provides true friendship and a warm, supportive community for people who have often felt lonely and on the margins of society.
Kishorit's businesses include the largest organic goat dairy in Israel, a cheese making factory, a dog kennel where champion schnauzers are bred, a free-range egg farm that sells 400,000 eggs annually, a bakery, a communications center that produces a monthly TV show for public television, a winery that will bottle 35,000 bottles of wine this year, and an organic vegetable garden.
Kishorit is also home to the Ziv Kishorit Democratic High School for adolescents with schizophrenia and other debilitating mental illnesses. By giving these teenagers an education and equipping them with healthy coping skills, the Ziv school gets teenagers out of psychiatric hospitals and gives them a second chance at life. The American Friends of Kishorit is a registered 502(c)3 organization based in the U.S. that supports the work of Kishorit.

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