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Immerse yourself in a new dimension of photo montages. We create uniquely hip and trendy Bar Bat Mitzvah montages with an easy way for you to upload and arrange your photos. Easy to make notes while previewing your Montage if any revisions are needed. Our finished products will have your guests talking for months after your child's celebration.

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Montages starting at only $299!

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We produce high-end Bar & Bat Mitzvah Montages for reasonable prices and offer fast turnaround times. Most families have a preview/approval version ready within 24 hours after submitting their project to us. Don’t let our low prices fool you! We are highly sought after due to the unique style of our work and our out-of-the box way of producing your montage.

What makes you unique?

Besides our unique style and high-end 3D artistry, you and your guests will be amazed and at the edge of their seats! Our Website is extremely sophisticated, and we offer an easy way for you to upload and arrange your photos in sections and in the order of appearance. We can even assist you via a free screen section so you can see how easy it is. Once your photos/videos/logo, etc. are uploaded to our server, we take over from there and let the Magic Happen! Once we are finished, we post your video via private link, and while you are previewing it, you can pause the video and type a note on the screen. We get those notes and know exactly where to address it, we take care if it, and then send you a Version2 for your approval or for further changes. We will take care of cropping your photos and removing Red-Eye.

What can people expect when they hire you for their child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Mitzvah Montage has literally thousands of happy clients, and many return customers. We make it easy for your so you can concentrate on other Mitzvah items on your list! This is why we are trusted to produce the most amazing montages and our client list includes: JJ Abrams, Don Cheadle, Tommy Lasorda, Kyle Richards (Housewives of Beverly Hills), the Sketchers family, Punky Brewster, Warren Lichtenstein, and a long list of happy families like yours!

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I must say that I am so happy! Not only with the video montage but with how easy it was to upload pics, the turnaround time, make changes and it was such a pleasure to work with you. Will definitely recommend you to anyone!

-- Gina - Yael's Mom

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mosaic sequence at the end of our montage. You guys have been amazing to work with - definitely sending my friends to you. I love my video! I am binge watching it.

-- Sarah - Jordan's Mom

Final montage is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes... Can't thank you enough for creating something so special for us!

-- Dena - Lexi's Mom

Thank you SO much - you did an AMAZING job with the montage and you got tons of compliments! I will be sure to recommend you. We are so grateful and appreciative. Thank you!!!

-- Dina - Owen's Mom

Expert Advice:

Expert Advice from Mitzvah Montage

Base your photos around this formula for best results: Growing Up 15, Siblings 15, Family 25, Hobbies and/or Activities 25, Friends 35 and Recap (most recent shots) 10.

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