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Vendor Email Blast Signup


Thousands of Bar Bat Mitzvah planning parents read our emails each week and rely on us as a source to help them make better decisions about their child’s milestone event. They visit our Website to plan all aspects of their party and find vendors: DJs, photographers, invitations, favor and logo providers, montage makers, decor, extra entertainment and more. They trust us. 

Resource emails are an efficient way to reach out to parents at the time when they are planning!

Eblast highlights:

*Reach nearly 10,000 parents who are researching and booking their vendors now.
*Showcase your products and/or services with links to your contact info.
*Limited to 8 vendors in each email – first come, first served.
*Additional exposure through Bar Bat Mitzvah Facebook planning groups.

See FAQ’s about the Resource Blasts here.

Check out an example of the eblast here.

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Buy 2 Resource Blasts - $550.00
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