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Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom Part 6

Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom Part 6

By Leslie Adler,

Say Yes To The Dress

For most women, dress shopping evokes pleasant thoughts…

But I am not most women.

I like in sweatshirts.

Me and poofy dresses, makeup and all things girlie, like learning “fancies” when you played jacks at sleepaway camp…..never had a very good relationship.

Sydney, however, my beautiful Bat Mitzvah girl, has quite the feminine side. Despite her incredible athleticism, she loves “dress up” and has made it clear that we cannot wear warm up suits to her party….so we hit the dress stores.

We had a mental list of places we thought would work for us and we approached the process like an Olympic event. The “qualifying round” in the search for Sydney’s dress was a “just looking” event where we got a sense of what style of dress she preferred. This allowed me to come to grips with my daughter the jock who can also be “my daughter the princess.”

Then we went on to the medal rounds.

And I have to say, dress shopping wasn’t the scary experience I anticipated…except for the time, I reacted to a dress by telling Sydney she looked like a tiered cake.

“That’ s terrible, mom,” she said.

“Why?” I replied, “I like cake…”

No big deal…I recovered because the cake dress, wasn’t “the one”….

Trust me, you’ll know when it’s “the one.”

‘Cause one day, when we were actually in “buying mode,” and the stars were aligned and Aunt Lori, our “fashion icon” was along for the ride — it happened. During our first stop which was Mieka, I found “the dress.” The one where daughter and sister said, “That’s it.”

One hour later, in “It’s Simply For You,” after 4 or 5 things that were “nice,” Sydney put on the gown that made us tear up…..the one where Mom and Aunt said in unison, “Say yes to the dress.”

And we did.

Till next time.


About Leslie Adler

Leslie Adler is a mother, lawyer and creator of and shares her witty thoughts on the many roles women play in their everyday lives. Leslie also combines her legal skills and friendship experience as presiding judge of Momlogic’s “The Friendship Court.”

We hope you will follow along as this Mitzvah Mom updates us on all the highs and lows leading up to her daughter’s May 2010 Bat Mitzvah. Everything from conflicts with other children’s dates to the dress, catering and other Vendor drama. Leslie will bring humor to this exciting yet stressful time for many families.

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