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The Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom Part 10

The Trials & Tribulations Of A Mitzvah Mom Part 10

By Leslie Adler,

The countdown’s on!

Since January 2010, I’ve been bringing you the ups and down of planning for my daughter’s May Bat Mitzvah!

Well, my princess’ Bat Mitzvah is less than three weeks away and I have one wish at this time: I would like to place my entire family in a protective plastic bubble to ensure that nothing goes wrong between now and May 29th.

I would like to not answer the phone and have the school nurse tell me she thinks my son is experiencing appendicitis and I would like to not answer the phone and have my parents tell me they were in a car accident. I would like to just not answer the phone at all….because the former two things happened.

Max had an emergency appendectomy last week and Marge and Bob were hit by a car that ran a red light, causing the air bag to open and injure Marge’s ear. Now she is experiencing difficulty hearing…..which I suppose has a bright side. Maybe she won’t complain how loud the music is at Sydney’s party!

Thankfully, Max and the parents are now doing fine but the point is: These are trials and tribulations that are not in the “Bat Mitzvah planning manual,” if you know what I mean.

Neither was this one:

Sydney found her Bat Mitzvah shoes and ordered them from Zappos. When we failed to get the delivery in a reasonable time we discovered they were shipped to her sleepaway camp. Yes! Because last summer I sent her a pair of shoes that were sent there and Zappos saves your “ship to” addresses. Just our luck, someone was actually at the camp and signed for them. Though they probably would have looked “interesting” with soffe shorts and a tank this July, UPS and Zappos helped to have them sent to our home and I am happy to report Sydney’s beautiful shoes are well rested and have had a vacation in Wayne County. We are sure they will be ready for dancing on May 29th.

At least we are laughing…….

Laughing and scrambling to work on final details and arrangements so that on “our big day” we can enjoy our special occasion to the fullest extent! I can’t wait!


Read the Adler Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight story here. Mitzvah Market sends their congratulations to the Adler family!

About Leslie Adler
Leslie Adler is a mother, lawyer and creator of and shares her witty thoughts on the many roles women play in their everyday lives. Leslie also combines her legal skills and friendship experience as presiding judge of Momlogic’s “The Friendship Court.”

We hope you will follow along as this Mitzvah Mom updates us on all the highs and lows leading up to her daughter’s May 2010 Bat Mitzvah. Everything from conflicts with other children’s dates to the dress, catering and other Vendor drama. Leslie will bring humor to this exciting yet stressful time for many families.

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