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The New Fashion Statement: What Kids Want!

The New Fashion Statement: What Kids Want!

A Promos: The Imagemaker knows when you give kids “cool” clothes, they will want to wear them again and again!

Many schools do not allow the Bar/Bat Mitzvah wearable favors to be worn on a Monday after a celebration, so kids who weren’t invited don’t feel left out that they aren’t wearing the fabulous sweatshirt/T-shirt.

Some favors are theme based and some are just reflections of clothing that the kids love to wear. Traditional items screaming “Matt’s Bar Mitzvah” and the date are gone!

The Imagemaker puts more emphasis on the design and places the date and initials in unobtrusive places as to not interfere with the overall design. Creativity, originality as well as the feel of the garment sets the mood for unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah Favors.

The Imagemaker knows that kids take great pride in picking their special favor and they suggest, “Let your kids have their say. You will be surprised just how creative they can be!”

Here are 3 ideas for your kid’s wearable favor from the Imagemaker:


Kids love Rock & Roll themes like the above in foil and ink (mixed medias). This example is on special washed out hand sewn shirts with contrasting edge shirts


Military fun is in! Burnout Vintage hoodies in fashion colors (darks for boys are available) with print and stones. For the boys, print or foil the design instead of the stone appliqué and place it on darker garments. The same artwork is used, we just switch out the media we are using. This way the girls have their glitz, while making their boy friends happy too!

Big words are in! Incorporate dates, initials, or phrases for that unique look. Big for Fall are animal prints. Traditional animal print colors can be used, but more subtle colors and metallics and grays can still give you that look of the wild!

To learn more, visit the Imagemaker’s extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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