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The Giant Fortune Cookie

The Giant Fortune Cookie

Here’s a unique and clever idea with a dual purpose!

The Giant Fortune Cookie will bring some “good fortune” in addition to a BIG Mazel Tov to your event!

They can be used as a centerpiece and can be customized with colored sprinkles and a personalized giant fortune inside. You can even put a picture on the part that bends in the middle. Guests can have fun afterwards breaking pieces off the cookie and eating it.

Giant Gourmet Fortune Cookies are baked fresh and made-to-order. A delicious vanilla cookie recipe is used for this delicious treat. Confectionery Artisans hand-dip each cookie in your choice of dip, choose from belgian callebaut® couverture chocolates in milk, dark or white or rich golden caramel or yummy guittard confections in peanut butter or strawberry.

Each cookie is decorated with adorable hand crafted royal icing (sugar) decorations. Pink (or blue) and white stars of David, Doves, and Menorahs and pink (or blue) and white sprinkles adorn these festive cookies.

Family Affair giant_bat_mitzvah_fortune_cookie

Your personalized message goes on the 1-ft long fortune inside the cookie
Each cookie is 6.5″ X 6.5″ X 6″

Family Affair photo_giant_fortune_cookie

These cookies are made with Kosher-certified ingredients. The company is pending Kosher certification.

Pricing for each cookie is $29.95 plus shipping and tax. They are all hand-folded and formed, so the finish size varies slightly. The cookies weigh anywhere from 10 oz. to over 1 lb. depending on how they are dipped and decorated.

For more other unique favor ideas, contact Lisa Chalker at Family Affairs Distributing Inc. or visit her extended Vendor Directory profile page.

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