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A Trendy Favor Top

A Trendy Favor Top

Crop Tops & Burnout Dolmans are all the rage this spring & summer according to APromosUSA /The ImageMaker in Freeport, New York.

For kids who are looking to do the non-traditional wearables in Bar & Bat Mitzvah Favors, these new items really stand out from the rest.

Burnout Dolmans are not only trendy, they work for just about every body shape. Designed to be oversized on the top and stomach, and narrower around the hips, these tops really are a crowd pleaser. Layer them with a sugar lips tank underneath and personalize with your custom bar or bat mitzvah logo for a perfect fit!

A Promos USA-1

A Promos USA-2

American Apparel crop tops are also a favorite this spring with Moms finally getting onboard with this re-emerging trend. Parents are realizing that crop tops of 2011 are not the same as crop tops from the 90’s. Kids aren’t looking to show their stomach off, instead, it’s the exact opposite…they’re looking to layer the crop top over a tight tank top for a mixed match look. Both the crop tops and the burnout dolman shirts can be worn off the shoulder for that 80’s look and feel.

A Promos USA

If you’re looking for what’s the latest and greatest in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah party favor world, check out these trendy tops as giveaways for your child’s upcoming celebration.

To learn more visit the extended profile page for the ImageMaker.

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