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Favor Ideas From

Favor Ideas From is on the pulse of what our Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids want for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah favors.

Check out some of their ideas below:

This analog slap watch is the newest, coolest! Waterproof and in a variety of colors, the silicone band slaps to wrap around your wrist. You can imprint on the dial.

Blended design: looks like 6 colors, but with special blending technique you are paying the cost of 3 colors. Call us for more details.

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Neoprene Lunch Bags: These are very popular with the kids. Great for late August, September Mitzvah. Kids will love bringing these to school. These come in many colors. The Violet, Blaze Orange, and Electric Blue are our most popular colors.

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Laptop Scuba: Great alternative if apparel is not your choice. All the kids have laptops and this would be perfect. Theses come in many colors. The Lime Green, Neon Pink, and Neon Blue are our most popular colors.

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Sweatpant: Wildfox inspired design is a favorite designer that all the young celebs wear. Great for the mitzvah who is a fashionista.

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Baseball: Adorable new backpack. Great combo for a baseball fan. This also comes in soccer, tennis, golf, football, and basketball. Also great combo for those that don’t want to be caught up in the apparel race.

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Tie-Dye: Great daily deal. This is featured on our daily deal section. Shown in tons of colors but if there is a custom color that you like but don’t see, please let us know. It can be done for you.

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Leopard Print: All over the stores PINK and the fashion magazines, leopard and animal print are all the rage.

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For more information, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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