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A Mitzvah Dad Loves E.K. Productions, Inc.

A Mitzvah Dad Loves E.K. Productions, Inc.

Usually our Mom-to-Mom recommendations are from Moms, but in this case, Mitzvah Dad Glenn wanted us to know about his recent experience with Evan Karfinkel from EK Productions Inc.

They found EK Productions on and hired them to provide the musical entertainment, photo booth and montage for their son’s recent Bar Mitzvah.

Here’s what he sent to Evan just days after his son’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.

You my friend, have done something that very few people do. Not only did you have my expectations set very high (which made me quite nervous) – But, you FAR EXCEEDED anything that Robin or I could imagine!

Evan, from the moment everyone walked into the room and saw your UN-BELIEVABLE set up, with the projection screens and room lighting, you had them.

The sound system you had was UN-MATCHED even by high-end clubs.

EK Productions testimonial

The dancers, oh my G-d!!! Benny & Michael – the female guests have been raving about them… But, nothing (sorry Benny/Michael) compares to Jacki, Cydney, Rachel and of course, JoJo… Those ladies shook up every 13 year old boy and Dad in the room — But, I have to add, not only were all of your dancers very attractive and AWESOME dancers, but they were polite, professional, engaging, friendly and had EVERYONE on the dance floor — I even noticed that they stopped to even pose with the kids for photos at the photo booth.

EK Productions Testimonial

Your DJ for the night was fantastic and 100% in step with you, the whole night. Your music selection was spot-on and enjoyed by everyone young/old/older.

The photo booth girls were great – no long lines, no waiting – great stuff!!

EK Productions testimonial

The montage — BLEW-ME-AWAY!!!

Evan – Although your fabulous dancers, DJ and road crew made you look good — YOU were fantastic the entire night and even the days, weeks and months leading up to the party!! An absolute pleasure to deal with.

YOU sir, have my sincere thanks, appreciation and respect – what an AWESOME AWESOME job EK Productions did

To learn more about EK Productions, Inc., please visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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