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Small Change, Big Difference

Small Change, Big Difference

It seems that sometimes kids search for a Mitzvah Project idea, while for other kids, the idea is very clear early on. For Rachel Moskowitz of Washington, D.C., the idea was clear. She wanted to create a project that benefited the memory of a dear family friend. Rachel called her project, Keeping the Change, and it benefited Hope for Henry.

Henry Strongin Goldberg was a little boy who died of Fanconi anemia when he was only seven years old.Hope for Henry is a nonprofit organization started by Henry’s parents that hopes to enrich experiences for young patients being treated at the nation’s top pediatric oncology and hemotology wards. Rachel wanted to support the organization. “I took on this particular project because Henry was my little brother’s best friend, so the cause is near and dear to my heart. I wanted to help in any way I could, and my project was my way of lending a hand, ” Rachel tells us.

In order to raise funds and awareness for Hope for Henry, Rachel figured that even small change could make a big difference. “I purchased several metal cans, which I decorated and placed in many different locations, such as the main office in my elementary school and in my synagogue. The goal was for people to drop their loose change into the can, and thus accumulate money to donate to the foundation,” Rachel explains.

Rachel was successful in collecting donations as well as spreading the word about Hope for Henry. She wants everyone to know that while her cans are no longer around, you can still learn about Hope for Henry and get involved by visiting their Website.

Thank you, Rachel! You are helping to make a real difference!

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