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Red, White & Blue Bat Mitzvah Inspired by American Political System

Red, White & Blue Bat Mitzvah Inspired by American Political System
Growing up in a political household inspired this Massachusetts girl’s Bat Mitzvah theme. For Alexis Fridman discussing current events and attending political fundraisers and protests are a huge part of her life, so it was no surprise to her parents that she chose to bring American politics, and patriotism, to her Bat Mitzvah celebration.
In her 12 young years, Alexis has dedicated a lot of time and energy to social activism. Whether leading a petition or walkout at school or raising money and awareness for gun control and mental health education, Alexis is not shy about speaking up for what she believes in. Says mom, Nanette, “We are so proud that Alexis recognizes that even at a young age, she has a powerful voice and uses it for good.”
For her Bat Mitzvah, Alexis incorporated many hallmarks of the U.S. political system — red, white and blue, stars and stripes, political party conventions and of course, the White House. From logos, branding and a sign in board designed to look like The Constitution, to cleverly colored partisan cocktails, this Bat Mitzvah was bold, unique and totally Alexis!
The photographer for this event was Meri Bond Photography. A complete list of vendors follows at the end of this Spotlight.



Special Touches


Mitzvah Advice

“Get day-of help so you can enjoy,” says mom Nanette, who brought in a professional event planner to coordinate day.

Mitzvah Project

Alexis raised funds for The Sandy Hook Promise which was founded after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The goals of the organization are to educate children and adults about gun violence, prevent any person from becoming a victim and to teach about mental health issues.

While fundraising, Alexis explained: “At my school, my friends and I brought the conversation of gun violence and mental health awareness into our middle school. I have decided to take it a step further and on my own reach out to you for donations if you are so inclined (no pressure). . . When I speak about the topic of gun violence, or mention The Sandy Hook Promise, many people will ask me, ‘Why do you care?’ My answer to this question is I am part of a community that is bigger than myself, where it is my responsibility as a person in the community to take action and speak up when I see something wrong. Most of my life is being involved with my school and temple where I am taught everyday how to be an active member of my community and work towards repairing our world, no matter how big or small of step it may be. This is something that I value and will continue to value for the rest of my life. Also, my childhood has been marked by mass shootings. When I was in kindergarten, I remember hearing about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Last year when I was in 5th grade I remember hearing about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting in Florida. Even though I am not a direct victim of gun violence, hearing about all of these shootings and these senseless tragedies has definitely affected me. I am also deeply inspired by the activism that has come from tragedies such as these, and specifically been inspired by kids very close in age to me making a bigger impact than many of our politicians.”

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Alexis’s night unforgettable. If you contact them, please let them know you read about their services on

Venue: Boston Marriott Newton, 617-969-1000
Party Planner: Rachel Glazer, Rachel G Events, 617-835-1491
Music/MC/DJ: Johnny K, Pure Energy Entertainment, 978-646-9226
Photographer: Meri Bond, Meri Bond Photography, 617-823-3244
Montage: Elissa Owen, Elissa Owen Montages, 617-480-4935
: All Sports Wear (sweatshirts), 617 244-4220
Logos/Sign-In Board: Lisa Thompson, Lisa Thompson Graphic Design, 508-930-8444
Invitations: Toby Dondis Ltd., 617-332-5253
Décor: Ashima Samuel, True Elegance Design, 603-233-9599

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