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Creative Video Game Themed Bar Mitzvah

Creative Video Game Themed Bar Mitzvah

The Kratchman family celebrated son Emery’s Bar Mitzvah at The Heldrich Hotel, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His love of video games became the theme and inspired everything from the place cards, centerpieces, and room decor, to the montage, favors and exit treats. There were some really unbelievable special touches!

The photographer was Jeremy Messler and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

Bar Mitzvah Invitation

Bar Mitzvah Logos

Bar Mitzvah Service

Bar Mitzvah Style

Mitzvah Now and Then

Bar Mitzvah Place Cards

Bar Mitzvah Decor

Special Party Touches

Bar Mitzvah Montage

Dad Jarrett, Mom Koren, and Emery all worked on the montage. They used themes from “Modern Family,” “The Amazing Race,” “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” and “The Late Show.” They even put in a very short Socker Bopper’s commercial!  

Watch Emery’s Montage here

Music and Candle Lighting Ceremony

Bar Mitzvah Cake

Mitzvah Exit Treat

Bar Mitzvah Favors


Bar Mitzvah Project

For Emery’s Mitzvah project, he chose to support the Clean Crayon Collection in memory of Taylor Barta, an 8-year-old boy who went to school with Emery’s younger brother Logan. Taylor was diagnosed with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in 2014 at the age of 6 and bravely fought this disease for 2 years until succumbing to it in 2016. He was an amazing artist. The Barta family set up a collection for brand new 8-pack boxes of Crayola crayons. Emery’s original goal was to collect 300 packs of crayons. Within 3 days, he received 600 packs of crayons!! Due to the generosity of friends and family, he ended up collecting an incredible 1,570 packs of crayons! Awesome Emery! 

Some planning Advice From Mom Koren

“Plan in advance – the sooner, the better!! This was our second time planning a Mitzvah, so we knew the work that was involved. We started early and had everything in order well in advance of the week before the party. The more organized you are, the better off you will be. I had spreadsheets for everything…from the invite list to the favors to the seating arrangements to which photos we wanted to take on the day of the event. The more you can do in advance and prepare, the smoother the day will run so that you can enjoy yourself! I also kept notes from our first Mitzvah to use as a reference. This came in handy so that we could look back to see what type of food we had ordered for the Kiddush luncheon, how many dancers we had used, how much candy we should get for the candy bar, etc.”

Vendor Directory

Venue: Galina Bayok, The Heldrich Hotel, 732-729-4670
Party Planner/DIY Decor/Montage: Koren & Jarrett Kratchman
Music Entertainment/MC/Photo Booth/Step-N-Repeat: Scott Present & MJ Navara, Xtreme Event Group, 732-536-8155
Photographer: Jeremy Messler, 609-980-5082
Videographer: Mitch Reisbord, Reisbord Video, 609-426-9898 
Logo/Place Cards/Invitation Back/Cake Design: Dad, Jarrett Kratchman
Invitations/Favors: Dana Kaufman, by Dana, 732-625-1471
Chocolate DVDs/Mitzvah Exit Treat Cookies/Cake/Chocolate Treat Boxes: Kristina & Emily, Classic Cake, 856-751-5448 
Décor/Candy Set-Up/Sign-In: Wendy Kandell, WayKool Events, 732-682-5096
Mitzvah Exit Candy: Mom Koren Kratchman
Mom Koren’s Service Dress: Nordstrom (Xscape); Party Dress: Dream Dresses (Ivonne D by Mon Cheri), 732-607-1112
Sister Alyson’s Service Dress: Nordstrom (Betsy Adam); Party Dress: Group USA (Camille La Vie), 908-351-0909
Bar Mitzvah Boy Emery’s Tuxedo/Dad Jarrett and Brother Logan’s Suits: Clothing Center, 732-254-0870
Service Hair/Makeup: Tina Marie, Salon V.I.P., 732-521-2700
Party Hair for Mom Koren and Sister Alyson: Spa at The Heldrich, 732-729-4670  
Reception Makeup: Kelly Cunningham, 908-803-8203
Seltzer Bar: Alex Gomberg, Brooklyn Seltzer Boys, 718-649-0800
Superhero Bowties: Tie Game,
Video Game Bowties: BowTie Yakut,
Video Game Remote Control Cufflinks:  Cuff-Daddy, 888-808-9944

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