The Silverman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Silverman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Hi all,

The Silverman family decided to celebrate their daughter Jillian’s Bat Mitzvah at Camp Pontiac in Copake, New York on a beautiful fall weekend.

They told their guests to pack for a “dark denim chic” party. Since the camp colors are red and white, this was carried out throughout all their details. We thank them for sharing their weekend celebration with Mitzvah Market!

All party photography and videography was done by Salzman & Ashley.

Pictured L-R: Sisters Amanda, Tess, Mitzvah Mom Fran, Bat Mitzvah girl Jillian, Mitzvah Dad Scott and sister Rebecca.




Camp Pontiac was the perfect setting for their fun-filled action packed 2 days! It also happens to be where the Silverman girls spend their summers.




Bat Mitzvah girl Jillian



The Silvermans used red and white on their pocket pull-out invitation that was created by Susan Lehrhoff of Ethan Niles. They also had Amy Wohl design a Website providing additional information for their guests about the weekend.


Silverman invite

Bat Mitzvah invitation

Silverman website screen shot

Custom Bat Mitzvah Website




As guests arrived, they were given their bunk assignments. On each bed there was a logo’d sheet and pillowcase along with a towel.




Jillian’s friends arrive by bus


Beds are made and ready for Jillian’s guests


Jillian’s bed was decorated by friends


A BBQ lunch was served and then color war broke out!


Guests were divided into two teams with red and white shirts. There were color war captains and generals


Everyone moved to the soccer fields where there were organized games and races including tug of war


Guests could be found playing football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and even Mah Jong!




After shower hour, guests were asked to meet at The Paramount Theatre where guests enjoyed a few different videos including Jillian’s montage.

Silverman entrance video

Jillian and her friends helped make this American Idol spoof. Carolyn Schwartz (Poems By Carolyn) wrote the script.

You can watch it here.

Camp Pontiac surprised the Silvermans with another video that Jillian had done while she was in camp last summer.




Jillian with a bunch of her friends!






Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


Pat James from Parties By James transformed The Playhouse into their beautiful party space complete with farm tables, matching plates, beautiful flowers and lanterns.



Mitzvah Family: Silverman placecards

Tree bark was cleverly used as seating cards for each guest









The young guests enjoyed their cocktail hour food “take-out” style!




The talented Bat Mitzvah girl Jillian made her entrance and then sang a song for her guests.





Guests also surprised Jillian by singing “Sweet Jillian,” a take-off of “Sweet Caroline” written by Carolyn Schwartz


For Jillian’s party, dress designer Marianna created her beautiful red gown. Guests soon learned that with one zip, the full gown came off to reveal white denim jeans underneath for her “dark denim chic” party


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake


Jillian’s red and white cake kept with the theme and was created by Morrell Caterers.








And That created the sweatshirts with a big number 13 on the front and “Off The Cuff” created customized red silicone bracelets.


Silverman favors




After the party ended, flip flops were given to the women along with blankets and everyone headed to the lake for a bonfire, s’mores and more desserts.




Jillian models the flip flops and sweatshirts


They lit up Jillian’s name in flames. WOW!!!




Mitzvah Mom Fran has planned 2 out of her 4 daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs and has this advice:

“The most important thing (I think) is pick people for your team that you connect with. Even if they are a little extra it is important to LIKE the people that you work with. Get recommendations from people. Ask a lot of questions. What is included in that price and what is not included. PLAN PLAN PLAN. I am a huge planner. I do NOT work well at the last minute. I planned Jillian’s Mitzvah 2 years in advance with the last 6 months working very hard on all of the details. Some people like to have their team do most of the work. I had my hand and nose in every single detail and made them come to life. It was a labor of love!!! Do not procrastinate. It only makes for a stressful situation in the end.”

Stamp - Mitzvah Project Idea


Jillian’s Mitzvah Project is very special to her and her family. She explains, “The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center” (formerly Schneider Children’s Hospital) will hold a very special place in my heart forever. What was thought to be a common cold virus turned emergent very quickly for my baby sister Tess. She ended up with RSV and double pneumonia and was put in Pediatric ICU for 2 weeks. Tess was in a drug induced coma for almost 2 weeks and my family was very scared.

Mitzvah Family: Silverman sisters

Jillian with her sister Tess

The doctors and nurses took great care of her and saved her life. She is an inspiration to me because she really had to fight for life. Something that I will never forget.

The hospital is currently rebuilding the facility to equal its top notch medical staff. I decided to have a game day (mah jong, canasta, bridge) luncheon and donate the money to The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

To this date I helped to raise $14,000. Thanks to all who participated and donated money to help me to reach this unbelievable goal. I was very proud and will remember this special day forever.

I have been taught from a very young age how important it is to “give back” to our community and world. I know that I am very fortunate and I will always remember there are people and places that need our help. I just did a “little something,” and one day I plan on doing BIG SOMETHINGS.”


Stamp Vendor's Directory


Here is a list of vendors who helped to make Jillian’s Bat Mitzvah special. If you call any of them, please let them know you read about their services on


Photographer/Videographer: Salzman & Ashley 516-349-9500
Caterer: Morrell Caterers 516-364-2000
Party Planner: Parties By Pat, Pat James 212-377-1911
Venue: Camp Pontiac, Ricky Etra 516-626-7668
Invitation: Susan Lehrhoff, Ethan Niles, 516-626-3666
Dress Designer: Marianna, 516-496-4615
Website design: Amy Wohl, FabuDesigns, 312-513-1698
Sweatshirt Favors: And That 516-364-9222
Silicone Bracelets: Michelle Collins 516-459-6495
Script writer/Cheer: Poems by Carolyn, Carolyn Schwartz

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