The Siegel B’not Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Siegel B’not Mitzvah Family Spotlight


It was an easy decision to pick the venue for the B’not Mitzvah of Madison and Joey Siegel. The Siegels are owners and directors of Tyler Hill Camp, a popular sleep away camp in Tyler Hill, Pennsylvania.

The service and celebration took place from Saturday, August 31, 2013, through Sunday, September 1, 2013. The weekend was filled with a lakeside Havdallah service, Color War breakout and competition, lots of dancing plus a bonfire and fireworks.

Pictured L-R: Dad Andy, Bat Mitzvah girl Joey, Bat Mitzvah girl Maddie, little sister Dylan and Mom Wendy.


The photographer was Dave Welsford Photography. The rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of this spotlight.





 Wow Creations designed the fold-over invitation in the girls favorite colors of purple with apple green trim.


Siegel Invite 2

The attire read, “Labor Day Cool” for adults and “Club Chic” for the kids

Siegel Invite envelope

The outside of the envelope featured a cute round sticker with their names




The weekend started with a bus ride to camp followed by a delicious barbecue lunch. Color War broke out with a plane dropping down flyers, setting off lots of excitement. After the friendly competition during the day, it was time for shower hour and then on to the Havdallah service by the lake.


Sigel bus arrival

Bat Mitzvah girl Joey greeting her guests as the buses arrive

Siegel Color War Breakout
A plane flew overhead dropping flyers announcing the Color War breakout!

Siegel B'nai color war flyer

Flyers with guests on Team Maddie or Team Joey were dropped from the plane

Siegel girls

Whether you were on Team Joey or Team Maddie, everyone enjoyed the friendly competition

Siegel color war sneakers

The sneaker relay competition 

Siegel Tug Rope

Friends liked the tug-of-war rope competition




The Havdallah service, led by Rabbi Diana Gerson, was held near the lake in the gazebo on the beautiful grounds of Tyler Hill Camp.



Siegel Bnai Mitzvah Service

The girls ready to start their service

Siegel service

The first half of the service took place outside

Siegel prayer book

 Homemade service programs




The weather report for the weekend was questionable. Since they wanted the service to be outside they had a “Plan B,” just in case. They arranged in advance for the Dining Hall to be set up for an indoor service. As it turned out, there was a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the outdoor service. Just as it was about to pour, they hustled everyone inside and they picked up the service right where they left off! As luck would have it, the rain stopped just as the service ended and the cocktail hour was outside.



Siegel OyVay

Dad Andy and Mom Wendy telling everyone to head to the Dining Hall before it begins to rain




As you will see below, the decor was camp chic all the way. 


 Siegel decor - letters

Large cut out letters of the girl’s names lined the path into camp

Siegel decor - letters

Here’s Maddie next to her letters

Siegel place cards

The place cards for the adults were handwritten letters as if Maddie and Joey were writing from camp. They were displayed on thick tree bark

Siegel decor

The Rec Hall had a “club look” with curved lounge furniture and up lighting from Todd Yahney Entertainment

Siegel B'nai decor

Homemade containers of s’mores ingredients served as delicious centerpieces on each table





The girls looked beautiful in their service dresses and their party gowns.




Here they are in their white service dresses holding candy centerpieces for the kids tables

Siegel girls

Both girls changed into beautiful gowns for the party




 Todd Yahney Entertainment, who is used to visiting camps all summer, provided the music entertainment and kept the dance floor packed all night long!


Siegel dj

Todd Yahney Entertainment set up and ready to rock!

Siegel entrance

Siegel entrance decor

The girls made their entrance with the help of the Todd Yahney dancers

Siegel dj

Everyone was on the dance floor all night long

Siegel dj

MC Todd having fun with Maddie, Joey and their friends

Siegel dj

The Siegel family front and center with all of their guests




 Maddie and Joey during their candle lighting ceremony surrounded by their friends.






After the party, the night ended with a wonderful camp tradition. There was a big bonfire with fireworks.




Siegel bonfire

You can’t have camp without a bonfire

Siegel fireworks
Fireworks completed the festivities



The favors were burn-out hooded sweatshirts from Everything Camper.



Siegel favors

 The girls model their sweatshirt favors





On Sunday morning guests enjoyed brunch and the Sunday morning camp tradition of “Bagel Toss.” Bagel Toss is an activity all campers love. Each bunk gets to elect a counselor to throw a bagel. The counselor that gets it the closest to the target without going out of bounds wins a prize for the bunk!


 The Sigel B'nai bagel

 The girls prepping for the bagel toss which is a Tyler Hill Sunday morning post-breakfast activity
  Siegel Bagel Toss

Getting ready for the Bagel Toss






Maddie and Joey chose two organizations for their Mitzvah Projects.


Siegel Mitzvah Project

Through UJA-Federation they created a personal page. Check it out here

Instead of gifts, the Siegels asked guests to make a donation to one of two organizations that best “spoke to them.”  SCOPE-NY (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) is an organization that provides scholarships for inner-city kids to go to a non-profit sleep-away camp every summer.  The other organization was a Long Island day camp, Camp Kehilla. Camp Kehilla is a camp for kids with Autism and special needs.  So far, they have raised more than $11,000 for Camp Kehilla and $10,000 for SCOPE.  They are going to be volunteering for both organizations as well.






Some advice from Mom Wendy:
“Oy…I wish I had relaxed more and not worried about what was out of my control. If your event is dependent on the weather, be prepared for anything and everything, make your alternative “inclement weather” plans ahead of time and then move on. I focused so much on the weather report (the Weather Channel app still haunts me in my dreams) that I had a hard time staying focused on the rest of the plans for the weekend. I think I would have enjoyed the planning ten times more if I had not obsessed over whether it would or would not rain! Rain or no rain, it would be the most memorable and amazing experience for my daughters — and that was what it was all about! I also wish I had extended my invitation list to more of our friends and not worried about whether or not the venue would be too crowded. The more the merrier, and I regret that I didn’t invite a couple of more people that I wish had been there simply because I was worried about space.”



The following vendors made Maddie and Joey’s B’not Mitzvah very special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Andy and Wendy Siegel, Tyler Hill Camp, 516-656-4220
Rabbi: Diana Gerson, Our Family Rabbi 
Party Planner
s: Mom Wendy and Dad Andy
Tyler Hill Camp chefs along with chefs from Lake Bryn Mawr Camp and Conference Center
Dave Welsford Photography
Videographer: D and M Video 201-768-1899
Music Entertainment/Candid Photography/Photo Favors:
MC Todd, Todd Yahney Entertainment, 516-781-4700
Lounge Decor/Up lighting:
Todd Yahney Entertainment, 516-781-4700
Favors: Jessica Jacobs, Everything Apparel, 516-450-5288
Invitation: Suzi Evangelatos, Wow Creations, 516-997-0451
Cake: Rockland Bakery, 845-623-5800
Décor/florist: Carmen Bolin Floristry, 800-263-9975
Madison, Joey service dresses: Fetch Dress Boutique, 516-864-0660
Madison, Joey and sister Dylan’s dress:
Nikki’s Dresses, 631-385-6093
Mom’s service dress: M’stique, 516‑496‑3488
Mom Party Outfit:
Hair/makeup: Stefanie 516-351-7953
Stout’s Transportation, 800-245-7868
Party security:
Tyler Hill Camp staff


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