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The Rebecca Silverman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Rebecca Silverman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Silverman family from Old Westbury, New York, have four daughters. We previously wrote about daughter Jillian’s celebration at Camp Pontiac and now it’s time for daughter number three, Rebecca! She celebrated her Bat Mitzvah at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation followed by an evening party held at The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York. This party was filled with lots of surprises including a live performance by the band, Mean Machine, an entrance video spoof on the movie Bridesmaids, and much more! We thank the Silvermans for sharing all their ideas with our readers.

Simon Elliot Events was the photographer. Additional vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

Pictured L-R: Sisters Amanda and Tess, Mom Franceen, Dad Scott, Bat Mitzvah girl Rebecca, and sister Jillian




Rebecca’s pretty invitation in turquoise blue and purple, featured a purple metallic envelope with turquoise hand printed calligraphy, from Susan Lehrhoff at Ethan Niles.



 A special insert card indicating, “Location To Be Determined” was put in every invitation right before they were mailed. You can read more about this “Mitzvah Mishap” below in the Mom To Mom advice section!



 The Silverman family all looked amazing. Rebecca’s long gown was from Runway Couture.



Rebecca’s off the rack dress was short, so Kimberly of Runway Couture created a removable skirt in organza so it appeared as if Rebecca wore two dresses

L-R Amanda found her dress at Shag, the long blue gown Tess is wearing was from Outrageous Boutique, Mom Fran’s dress was made by Kimberly at Runway Couture and Jillian’s was also from Runway Couture, off the rack




The Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York, came to the rescue and was the perfect location for this “Rock n Roll” celebration. Pat Glenn Productions created a beautiful setting using lots of white, silver and vivid pops of blue, in varying shades. The high ceilings helped create dramatic views from almost every angle.



The ceiling treatment included disco balls and long silver tubes

The tables were a variety of shapes and sizes and featured beautiful stemware, flowers and table runners

Abundant arrangements of orchids were on the tables in royal blue, silver and white 



Pat Glenn Productions provided the music entertainment.



A packed dance floor

 Young guests sit on the dance floor to watch Rebecca’s montage produced by her sister Jillian!

The band, Mean Machine, got this Rock ‘N’ Roll party rockin’



 Simon Elliot Events shot and produced this entrance video spoof. Bat Mitzvah girl Rebecca gets zapped into TV land and makes cameos in her favorite movies and TV shows including Bridesmaids, now called, Mitzvah Maids.



Watch here

Rebecca has been taking Zawacki dance for 10 years. She loves the hip-hop style. After her entrance video played, she entered the room on stage and performed a dance for her guests 




Simon Elliot Events provided some of the unique fun during this celebration. 




 Instead of a sign-in board, the Silverman’s used MitzvahTV, a custom video studio built just for their party. Guests were able to record broadcast-quality video messages for Rebecca. After the party, all of the video messages were edited and uploaded to a custom website where guests can watch, download, and share all of their videos to social media

 Friends enjoyed the custom photo booth




Magician/Mentalist John Born was on hand for the celebration to amaze Rebecca’s friends and family.








Rebecca with her cake that rocked!








Guests had the choice of many delicious desserts including Dad Scott’s 16 Handles yogurt bar to go!




A variety of desserts were set-up inside

There was a 16 Handles station for guests to pick their flavor and toppings and take their delicious yogurt to go!



And That designed a variety of favors for this celebration including the sweatshirts, dance floor shirts, backpacks and glasses. They also created custom shirts for the band and the staff.



 The front and back of Rebecca’s sweatshirt favor for her friends featured a cool logo

Young guests also received backpacks



Rebecca decided to donate a portion of her Bat Mitzvah gifts to a place this family holds dear to their hearts, The Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York.  Rebecca’s sister Tess was saved by the nurses and doctors at this hospital and the Silverman family are forever grateful to them.




Some advice from Mom Franceen:
“Rebecca’s party was supposed to be at a different venue.  The place cancelled on us after the invitations were already printed.  So to say we had to scramble, is an understatement.  There is usually something that will go wrong but you never think the venue will be canceling.  If you keep calm and put everything in perspective, things always have a way of working themselves out.  We quickly found The Cradle of Aviation, (but not before the invitations had to go out, and put “To be determined” on the invitation.  People were actually intrigued and thought we were doing something funny.  In the end, it was something to laugh about and the Cradle of Aviation was PERFECT!!!”



The following vendors helped to make Rebecca’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their products and services on


Venue: The Cradle of Aviation Museum, 516-572-4111
Catering: Tom Cataldo, Philip Stone, 516-326-2156
Party Planner/Decor/Music Entertainment: Pat and Glenn, Pat Glenn Productions, 212-337-1911
Screens/Lighting/Staging: Marcus, More Than Music, 516-626-9400
Photography/Videography: Michelle, Simon Elliot Events, 516-586-6822
Video Sign-in/Photo Booth: Simon Elliot Events
Favors: Jen and Amy, And That, 516-364-9222
Invitation: Susan Lehrhoff, Ethan Niles, 516-626-3666
Magician/Mentalist: John Born, 646-508-1170
Montage: Sister Jillian
Dresses for Rebecca, Jillian and Mom Fran: Kimberly, Runway Couture, 516-308-4639
Dress for Tess: Outrageous Boutique, 516-931-3331
Dress for Amanda: SHAG, 516-484-3133
Suit for Dad Scott: Mark Russell Clothing, 646-430-5658
Hair/makeup: Valerie from Anne DeMarco, 516-367-2077
Yogurt Bar: 16 Handles, 516-318-4978



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