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The Mendelsohn Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Mendelsohn Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


David Mendelsohn celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on September 3, 2011 at Off The Hookah in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The club theme is very popular these days, so instead of going somewhere and trying to make the space look like a club, this family decided to have it at an actual club.

They loved the venue so much, that Mom Valerie is now working there planning parties for other families!

We want to thank them for sharing their celebration with Mitzvah Market.

Erica Dunhill was the photographer and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of the spotlight.

Pictured L-R: Dad Alan, Brother Teddy, Bar Mitzvah boy David and Mom Valerie







For their invitations, they decided to go an unconventional route and created a Website filled with all the necessary Bar Mitzvah information. Guests received the big postcard below, designed by Mom Valerie directing them to a Website.



David Mendelsohn invite

To visit David’s Website with his Bar Mitzvah information, click here




Following their service, they held a luncheon in the courtyard outside their temple. In addition to catered food by Strathmore Bagels, there were many homemade treats baked by David’s Grandma Essie and her friend Saunie.


David Mendelsohn

Friends Marcie Singer and Lori Gilman surprised the Mendelsohn family with centerpieces for their luncheon that included hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos with designs on them including Stars of David and the number 13. There were also cookies featuring David’s pictures throughout his life, created by Sandy Cookie Creations




David ordered custom converse sneakers for his celebration.



David Mendelsohn custom converse

David’s colorful custom converse sneakers are on the right





To add to their “club” feel, they renamed Off The Hookah Club D13, and put posters and banners with David’s picture outside the venue.


David Mendelsohn venue

David’s signage hangs outside the venue

David Mendelsohn venue

Guests arrived to a red carpet!

David Mendelsohn venue
There was a bouncer pretending to check the VIP list. The kids were then given a lanyard with a VIP access pass

David Mendelsohn VIP Pass
David’s All Access passes

David Mendelsohn with staff

David with the staff of Off The Hookah


Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


The inside of the venue featured lots of signage, couches, pillows and low sushi tables, as well as regular tables.


David Mendelsohn decor

There are Moroccan and Egyptian touches throughout this venue, so minimal decorating was required

David Mendelsohn decor
There were several banners announcing a special appearance by David Mendelsohn at Club D13, these were hung over the dance floor

David Mendelsohn decor

Monitors hung throughout the space with David’s logo

David Mendelsohn decor

The bar had table tents printed with drink specials for the night – these included a Davidtini, a Mitzvahrita, L’Chaim Drop and Horajito!


Stamp Mitzvah Food


Mom Valerie said everyone raved about the food! The adults started off with passed hors d’oeuvres including hummus, bruschetta, coconut chicken, and pigs in a blanket. Off The Hookah serves Mediterranean and Asian food. For their dinner buffet, guests enjoyed chicken kabobs, beef kabobs, falafel, sushi, salad, orzo, rice, and a carving station with prime rib and turkey. The kids enjoyed their own buffet of sliders, chicken fingers, pasta, french fries and rice. They finished off the night loading up on goodies from the candy bar.


Stamp - Mitzvah Music


Z Entertainment with Nick as the MC kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night, doing a dance-off with the kids and handing out tons of prizes. Since it is a club, all of the lights and special effects are already there.



Mendelsohn dj
The dance floor is full including David’s Grandma Tickle!

David Mendelsohn cheerleading

David made his entrance behind a group of cheerleaders. Six of his girl friends dressed in TEAM DAVID t-shirts with the number 13 on the back. They came in waving purple pompoms and then did a dance and sang a song that Mom Valerie wrote to the tune of ”Oh Mickey” with the words changed to “Oh David”

David Mendelsohn dancing

All of the staff wore purple T-shirts with the Club D13 logo on the front – the kids received these shirts as their favor inside a Club D13 drawstring bag with a CD of 10 of David’s favorite songs




Throughout the night, Off The Hookah’s bartenders entertained the guests with different tricks such as flair bartending – juggling the bottles and making drinks at the same time, blowing fire from their mouths and other cool tricks. Towards the end of the evening, a belly dancer also entertained the crowd with a traditional belly dance.


David Mendelsohn bellydancing
A belly dancer performs

David Mendelsohn horah

David gets a lift during the Horah

David Mendelsohn karaoke

David and his friends enjoy karaoke


Stamp - Mitzvah Cake


For their candle lighting, this family wanted something different. They used 2” square bud vases and filled them with water balls and different color lights.


David Mendelsohn candle lighting

David Mendelsohn candle lighting

Candles were placed at the top and looked beautiful across the room

Mendelsohn candle lighting

The Mendelsohn’s light their candle





They created their sign-in book on Shutterfly.



David Mendelsohn sign in




They ordered their favors through Andrew Goldstein. Each young guest received the drawstring bag and T-shirt.



David Mendelsohn favor tag

Their very creative friend Jenn Baxt, made individual tags that looked like iPhones, with the kids’ names on them, and a text that read “thnx 4 coming”

David Mendelsohn favor bags




Can you please give us some Mom-to-Mom advice since you survived planning a Mitzvah!
“It’s the little touches that make your party special and unique. I planned my son’s Bar Mitzvah in 2 ½ months and I wouldn’t change a thing. Just be organized and if you are fortunate enough to have some creative and willing friends, let them help. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re doing it all for your child, so keep him or her in mind when making decisions. It’s also not about who spends the most money, but more about being innovative and coming up with something new and fresh and fun. Having close friends and family around for the special day is the most important thing. Don’t stress, enjoy the special time and take it all in, because in a few hours it’s all over!”


Stamp Vendor's Directory


The following vendors helped to make David’s celebration special. If you give any a call, please let them know you read about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.


Venue: Mom Valerie, Off The Hookah, 561-252-9935
Party Planner:
Mom Valerie
Music Entertainment:
MC Nick, Z Entertainment Group Michael Zeidman
Favor Person:
Andrew Goldstein, A.Goldstein & Co., [email protected], 561-656-1485
Party Entertainment:
Belly Dancer and flair bartenders provided by venue
My Event
book:
Mom’s Dress:
Erica Dunhill, WP Inks, 561-543-7618
: Tony Hall, [email protected], 954-721-6142
Custom Posters and Banners:
Soha Herrera, Starring YOU, 954-328-9448
Photo Cookies
: Sandy Cookie Creations, 561-214-1506


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