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The Levy Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Levy Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

We hope by spotlighting this Mitzvah Family, you will be inspired to take some of their ideas and make them your own.

The Levy Family wanted a “kid friendly” party with elegant touches for their daughter Erica’s Bat Mitzvah which took place this past April. The party was held at Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich, NY.

We want to thank Mitzvah Mom Robyn for sharing her creative ideas with our Mitzvah Mail readers. We think these will inspire you for your own child’s Mitzvah!




The entire Levy family looked great for their family’s special day. Bat Mitzvah girl Erica’s dress was off-the-rack from Outrageous Boutique and Mom Robyn found her beautiful white beaded gown at Tallulah’s in Woodbury. The guys were all outfitted with rentals from Victor Talbots. (A reminder that all vendor info is provided at the bottom of this newsletter).

The Levy Family pictured above (L-R, Jake, Robyn, Bat Mitzvah girl Erica, Norm and Jared). All party photography was done by Marquee Photography Inc.

Stamp - Mitzvah Decor


Erica’s creative theme, “Smiles Across Am’erica,'” was designed by Barbara Becker of Dazzling Parties.



Levy decor

Dazzling Parties created the great kids’ lounge

Levy centerpieces

Nine handcrafted centerpieces like the ones above represented 9 states in the U.S. On the left is gambling in Las Vegas and on the right is Hollywood, California

Levy decor 1

Bright colored table clothes with matching napkins greeted guests in the Pine Hollow ballroom


Stamp - Mitzvah cake


Erica’s beautiful cake was created by St. Honore Pastry Shop in Port Washington, a vendor that the caterers at Pine Hollow use often.


Levy cake

A beautiful colored cake matched the decor with a special detail on top.

Levy candlelighting map

As each guest lit their candle during the candlelighting ceremony, they were given a puzzle piece for the above “Erica” map! Another creative detail by Dazzling Parties!



The colorful invitations were created by Party Panache in Great Neck.



Levy invitations

The all-in-one ensemble invitation had a pocket on the bottom holding the RSVP and direction cards

Stamp - Mitzvah Music


The Levy’s used More Than Music with Marcus as their DJ and Kevin as the MC. Robyn feels the frame around the screen was another “well-worth it” detail provided by her entertainment company.


Levy Mitzvah Kids

Mitzvah Kids!



The favors for Erica’s friends were created by Michelle Weissman. Erica helped design the “girl” and “boy” sweatshirt favors.


Levy sweatshirt favor

Girls’ sweatshirts with a specially designed logo and date on the arm

Levy sweatshirt favor 1

Boys’ zip-up version with logo and date!

Levy coffee mug favors

Robyn decided to get favors for the adults and ordered these travel mugs only two weeks before her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah from an online discount Website

Levy newsstand

As guests left the party, a “newsstand” with magazines and a variety of treats greeted them! All was arranged through Creative Games, part of More Than Music



Erica’s party had so many unique touches. It began with a special photo shoot with Erica by The Portrait Shoppe Photography. Read on to learn more about how these photos were then incorporated into the decor and more…

Levy Sign-in

Dazzling Parties created this uniqe sign-in book using The Portrait Shoppe’s photos of Erica

Levy placecards

Her placecards represented the Smiles Across Am’erica’ theme

Levy money

Her special photo shoot pictures were even used on the “funny money” for the kids’ lounge games organized by Creative Games

stamp_momtomomMitzvah Mom Robyn has this advice about lighting. “When I walked into the room at Pine Hollow, it was the lighting that truly set the tone,” she explains. “Although kinetic lighting is a bit pricey, I feel it is worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Thanks Robyn, it’s helpful to hear about something that you feel was worth the expense!

Levy lighting

Kinetic room lighting!


As you can see, Robyn was all about the details. She has a great idea for your candlelighting. If you’ve sat through the poem reading, it is sometimes hard to hear the Mitzvah kid and they do work very hard on rhyming. Robyn printed each candlelighting recipient’s poem in a beautiful font, framed it and had Erica hand the wrapped frame to each guest after they lit their candle. An easy and creative special touch!


Stamp - Mitzvah Prioject IdeaAlthough Erica didn’t have a formal Mitzvah project, she decided, in honor of her Bat Mitzvah, to take some money she had saved up over the years and visit Toys R Us for some shopping. The toys she purchased were wrapped and placed on the bimah at the Temple ceremony. She then went to Winthrop Hospital and donated them to the cancer unit. It was an emotional visit and a very lovely gesture!

Stamp Vendor's Directory


Here are a list of the Mitzvah Vendors who helped make Erica’s Bat Mitzvah special. If you call any of them, please let them know you read about their services on Thanks!


More Than Music – 516-626-9400 or 212-247-7777
Pine Hollow Country Club – 516-922-0300
Outrageous Boutique – 516-931-3331
Dazzling Parties – 516-766-1471 – Travel Mugs for guests
Marquee Photography Inc. – 516-349-9319
The Portrait Shoppe Photography – 516-938-3936
Party Panache Ltd. – 516-482-6111
Victor Talbots – 516-625-1787
Tallulah’s in Woodbury – 516-367-8010
St. Honore Pastry Shop – 516-767-2555
Michelle Weissman/Creative Specialities – 516-637-0493 or [email protected]





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