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The Lantzman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Lantzman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

Macen Lantzman of Livingston, New Jersey celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on December 3, 2011 at Temple Beth Shalom,  in Livingston, New Jersey. This party combined many traditional as well as modern elements for a beautiful service and fun reception.

Macen’s clever theme was based on Facebook which was converted into “Macebook!”

All event photography was done by Timothy Glenn Photographers and the rest of the vendor information is at the bottom of the spotlight.

Pictured above back row: Dad Scott, Bat Mitzvah girl Macen, Brother Zane and Mom Zanna
Front row: Brother Kai, Sister Hunter


Macen led the entire Mincha, Ma’ariv, Havdalah service by herself. During the service, the Lantzmans handed out mini organza spice bags and glow sticks to their guests so they were able to join in the Havdalah part of the service when the lights were turned off in the sanctuary.


Homemade spice bags

Macen’s Kippot were a puzzle design with silver writing. They were ordered from www.skullcap.com through the sisterhood gift shop


The Lanztman girls all looked great for their families celebration.


Little sister Hunter’s dress was bought off the rack, Bat Mitzvah girl Macen got her dress from Jacqueline’s and Mom Zanna is in a Helen Morley design from Hartley’s



To tie the “Macebook” theme into her invitation without actually giving it away, the Lantzman family created a custom Website through www.MyEvent.com. Her formal invitation gave the basic details and then directed everyone to this Website to RSVP.





Macen’s party took place at Temple Beth Shalom and was catered by The Crystal Plaza of Livingston, New Jersey. Party Art LLC created the centerpieces and other signage using pink, silver and black.



Party Art designed the seating cards for Macen’s friends with a “macebook” design

Dad Scott did the adult seating cards that were also the adult party favors. They were USB memory sticks that were pink and silver and said “macebook” on one side and the date of her party on the other side. On each USB memory stick, they uploaded educational materials for the adults on internet safety and a copy of the montage that was shown at the celebration

 The pink up lighting around the room along with the pink tablecloths set the mood

For a special touch, the Lantzmans used Photofetti on the tables with pictures of Macen at different ages


The centerpieces were set on top of a pink lighted pole and were a double sided computer screen shot resembling Macen’s “macebook” page

Each table had a different theme (as shown above) that she “liked” (i.e., Macen Lantzman likes The Proposal). The template provided personalized details, such as her family member names, place and date of event, sponsored by Zanna & Scott Lantzman, and specifics on Macen’s life in general

To set the mood, there were pink tablecloths with a pop of black


The Crystal Plaza also provided an ice sculpture with the macebook logo



There were many special moments during their celebration. 




 Before guests were served their dinner, Macen’s four Grandparents said the hamotsi and watched a video clip of Macen, at age 3, singing the hamotsi while she was dressed up


Macen and her Dad share a special dance



Powerhouse Entertainment provided the music with Jude as the MC.







A friend of Macen’s Dad named Cricket Snearing gave Macen a very special gift. A custom painted, personalized Horah chair for Macen and her siblings to use at her Bat Mitzvah celebration.


The chair was designed with words meaningful to Macen

The entire chair was covered with special wording

Little sister Hunter enjoyed her time in the chair

Macen isn’t letting go!



In addition to the music, they had other types of entertainment for their guests to enjoy.



Picture This Nashville photo “booth” also served as her sign-in book/board. Above was her customized screen. Mom Zanna found them on Mitzvah Market!


There was also a Coney Island photo booth

Jason Loeffler showed everyone his myachi moves. He gave out the personalized myachi bags to the young guests



Macen’s theme inspired cake was created by The Crystal Plaza caterers.




Mom and Dad designed the kids favors. They were pink sweatshirts for the girls and black sweatshirts for the boys with the macebook logo on the back and the shorter “m” logo with the date of the event on the front.


 The girls sweatshirt

 The boys version




Here’s some advice from Mom Zanna:
“Stay organized and plan as much as you can in advance, but when the party starts, let go of all the details and enjoy the party as if you were a guest at your own event.”



For her Mitzvah Project, Macen raised over $1,000 for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.  This organization was founded by Dr. Jane Aronson, an adoption medical specialist, and they provide educational and medical services to orphans in many different countries including Ethiopia, Bulgaria, Vietnam.

Macen and her brother Kai who was adopted

Dr. Aronson (pictured with Macen) was Kai’s doctor when he first arrived in the U.S.



The following vendors helped to make Macen’s Bat Mitzvah special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.

Temple Beth Shalom Livingston, NJ
Party Planners: Zanna and Scott Lantzman
Caterer/Cake: The Crystal Plaza, 973-992-8100
Music Entertainment:
MC Jude, Powerhouse Entertainment, 973-243-1025
Custom Website: www.MyEvent.com
Coney Island Photo booth: Mike Premier Digital, 718-477-5200
book booth:
Elaine Pardo, Picture This Nashville
Myachi: Jason Loeffler, Myachi, 516-801-4949
Invitation: Peter, All The Best Invitations, 866-992-4033 or 973-992-4033
Kippah: www.skullcap.com
Décor/florist: Carol Berman, Party Art LLC, 973-216-8067
Zanna’s Dress: Hartly’s, Westwood, NJ
Macen’s Dress: Jacqueline’s, Livingston, NJ
Suits for family members: Tuxes rented from Men’s Wearhouse, Livingston, NJ
Hair/makeup: Mid-Town Salon, 973-994-1800
Photographer: Tim Camuso, Timothy Glenn Photographers, 973-887-0625
Videographer: Powerhouse Studios, East Hanover, NJ
Chair for the horah: Cricket Snearing, 610-715-5438
Special Touch: Photofetti.com

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