The Bryan Hirsch Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Bryan Hirsch Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Bryan Hirsch Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Hirsch family celebrated their son Bryan’s Bar Mitzvah on May 4, 2013 at Midway Jewish Center in Syosset, New York. The next day it was a fun bowling bash at 300 Long Island, a bowling and event venue in Melville, New York.

This talented family designed many of the creative touches themselves!

Alex Wolff of The Portrait Shoppe was the photographer and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of this spotlight.

Pictured L-R: Dad Mark, Bar Mitzvah boy Bryan, Mom Eileen and older brother Matt.





 Bryan at the Bimah of Midway Jewish Center.



Bryan Hirsch at the Torah

Bryan at the Bimah

Bryan Hirsch temple

The beautiful Havdalah service




Mom Eileen handmade the invitations with supplies purchased at a variety of art supply stores!



Bryan HIrsch invite

The red and black color combination was used throughout the party



Custom bowling shirts was the style of choice for this Mitzvah family.



   Hirsch shirts

The front of the shirt featured each person’s name on the left side

Hirsch shirts

The logo “Bryan’s Bowling Bash” was on the back




The good times really rolled at Bryan’s Bowling Bash!  Bryan and his friends bowled and played games in a private room at 300 Long Island, a hip entertainment destination bowling alley.


Bryan Hirsch

Bryan outside 300 Long Island

Hirsch Bar Mitzvah venue

Inside 300 Long Island prior to set up

Hirsch place cards

 Bowling pin flashlights found at were used as lane assignment holders

Hirsch decor

Photos made into image cutouts of Bryan for the centerpieces were done by Lighter Than Air, designed by Mom Eileen and built by all 4 members of the Hirsch family!
  Hirsch decor

Bryan “strikes” a pose next to his welcome sign which was designed by Mom Eileen and created by The Portrait Shoppe





Mom Eileen made so many of the creative touches for her son’s party. The wooden bowling alley below was 1 of 2 used to decorate the food buffet tables.


Hirsch sign-in
She purchased a wood base, painted the ball black, printed the logo and decorated it herself


Bryan HIrsch DIY
There was one for the kids buffet and one for the adult buffet




 stamp_Mitzvah Wow!

 Bar Mitzvah boy Bryan built a Lego bowling alley entirely by himself (not a kit of any kind). He ordered all the necessary bricks from Lego Pick A Brick section on


Bryan Hirsch lego

It features each member of the Hirsch Family bowling and was displayed in the center of the bar for all to see


Bryan HIrsch lego
The lucite display box was custom made for the bowling alley and ordered online





The cover of the sign-in book that Mom Eileen designed was created by The Portrait Shoppe.



Bryan Hirsch sign-in

Bryan “strikes” a pose


Hirsch sign-in

Bryan’s Grandma writing something special to her grandson




Everyone had a ball at this bowling bash.



Hirsch fun
Dad Mark with great form

Hirsch fun
Bryan knockin’ them all down

Hirsch fun
Even Bryan’s Grandma gets into the action

Hirsch fun
Bryan and his friends



Bryan’s iPod supplied the background music that MC Andre played.



Hirsch DJ
MC Andre all lit up from glow sticks




The cake, in party colors of red back and white, was baked by ZuckerBakers.



Hirsch cake

The Hirsch family during their candle lighting ceremony




The logo and t-shirt favors were created by Gotham T-shirts.



Hirsch favor
The logo really popped on the red t-shirt

Hirsch stressball favor
These fun bowling ball stressballs were also given to guests

Hirsch favors
The favor bags all lined up like bowling pins




Zucker’s Bakery also created cookie favors to look like bowling balls and Mom Eileen created the great “to go” labels.



Bryan HIrsch cookies


Bryan Hirsch to go bags

These great labels were on the cookie bags






Some advice from Mom Eileen:
“I am a very organized and a well thought out planner. I made a to-do list at least 1 year in advance. After I booked 300 Long Island, I laid out my plan of what needed to be accomplished each month along the way, and this made it stress free.”





The following vendors helped to make Bryan’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Midway Jewish Center, 516- 938-8390
Venue: 300 Long Island, 631-423-3091
Photographer/Videographer: Alex, The Portrait Shoppe, 516-389-6915
Welcome Sign/Top of centerpiece action shots: The Portrait Shoppe
Book cover:
Designed by Eileen, Created by The Portrait Shoppe
Photo cutouts:
Rich, Lighter Than Air, 516-933-3210
Handmade by Mom Eileen
Music Entertainment:
Bryan’s playlist from his iPod
MC: Andre provided by 300 Long Island
Lego Bowling Alley: Built by Bryan,
Bowling Pin Placecards:
: Howard, Gotham T-Shirt, 516-676-0900
Bowling Ball Party Favors: 1001 Stressballs
Cake/Bowling Ball Cookie Favor: ZuckerBakers, 516-785-6900
Cookie bags: AC Moore
Cookie bag labels: Mom Eileen
Men’s Custom Bowling Shirts: Logosoftwear, 877-535-5646
Mom Eileen’s shirt:, 800-444-1685


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