The Best Of…2013 Mitzvah Family Spotlights
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The Best Of…2013 Mitzvah Family Spotlights

The Best Of…2013 Mitzvah Family Spotlights

Our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories are very popular among our readers.

We find that everyone likes to see how other families celebrate their son or daughter’s milestone event. Our readers see great ideas and then make them their own.

We’ve shared Spotlight stories on more than 200 families and we receive emails regularly from readers who would like to be featured. It’s a great way to thank your vendors with additional press!

There are many creative and unique ideas within each story from families across the country. As we come to the close of another year, let’s look back on some of the wonderful ways these families have inspired us all:







Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation usually sets the tone for your upcoming event. Here are a few from our past Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories:


Gendler invite

This Bat Mitzvah celebration was held at an airplane hangar in Ft. Lauderdale! Their custom invitation was a pop-up of Brittany as a flight attendant. See more from the Gendler Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Kortick Invite

Olivia’s mirrored invitation arrived in a gift box. See more from the Kortick Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Max Miller invite

The Miller family decided to make every invitation by hand! Each guest received an iPad (look-a-like) and pen set!
The outside of the box mimicked the packaging for an iPad, complete with images of an iPad featuring apps that represented Max’s hobbies and interests (i.e. iDrum, iSki, iDJ, etc). Inside the box, the invitation was wrapped in paper with Matrix code designed with the date of the Bar Mitzvah (05182013), sealed with a round “Max’s Genius Bar Mitzvah” sticker, and a combination pen/stylus/flashlight attached, which was custom imprinted with the iMax logo
See more from the Max Miller Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Dunoff invitation

For Raquel’s celebration, which took place at an art gallery, the custom invitations were cleverly created out of paint kits!
See more from the Dunoff Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Madison Goldberg invite

For this celebration, the invitation included a classic letterpress for the services with Madison’s name foiled in silver and a viewfinder for the party invitation. See more from the Goldberg Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here




 Here are some cool style moments within our Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories.




For this WWE themed Bar Mitzvah, Zach made his grand entrance in his robe, all ready for a “match.” He entered the ring (we mean room!) to ESPN’s Jock Jams “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.” See more from the Lipson Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Imberman sock style
The entire Imberman family got into the zebra print themed celebration. See more of the Imberman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Tucker Mitzvah style

Comfortable silvery glitter sneakers finished the look for Melissa’s short Bat Mitzvah dress. See more of the Tucker Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Rebecca Silverman

Rebecca chose a short off the rack dress. A removable organza skirt was created so it appeared as if Rebecca wore two dresses to her Bat Mitzvah.  See more from the Rebecca Silverman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here





Many families get creative with their theme and logo. Check out some of the ones featured this past year:




Malavsky logo

The Malavsky’s celebrated with an action packed basketball party at Chickie’s & Pete’s Play2 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Read more about the Malavsky Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

weinberg jessiegram logo

The theme was “Jessiegram,” inspired by Instagram, for this sophisticated and fun party utilizing many of the popular symbols that all the kids and adults are familiar with.  See more from the Weinberg Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Tiech Bat Mitzvah venue entrance

For Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah the theme was “Sarah and the City!” See more from the Teich Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Weiss favor

The slogan “Instant Fun….Just Add Water” with Harrison’s name, was the theme for this Bar Mitzvah that took place at the Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park in Lake George, New York. Read more about the Weiss Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here




Everyone seems to have a way for their guests to sign-in and leave a memory/sentiment for their Bar Bat Mitzvah child. Families are getting very creative in this area!



Breitowich sign-in pillow

It was a sign-in pillow that looked like their invitation for Jack. Read more from the Breitowich Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Greenblatt sign in

 In keeping with Rachel’s Runway theme, her Mom found this dress form from Pier One. Read more from the Greenblatt Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Dani Golden sign in

Dani’s celebration weekend took place at Trails End Camp. For her sign-in, guests wrote special messages on postcards which were placed in a custom mailbox. Read more from the Dani Golden Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Abes details

Camp Mitchell took place in Georgia and guests signed their sign-in flag all weekend long. See more from the Abes Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Sam Feldman sign in

Friends signed this custom football helmet at Sam’s football themed Bar Mitzvah. Read more from the Feldman Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here




Here are some creative ways to let your guests know where they are sitting.



Zapken place cards

Pennant place cards for each guest were placed on turf for an authentic look. Read more from the Zapken Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Jason Levy place cards
This unique seating card board featured a picture of the guest of honor cut into individual squares with the guest’s name and table number on the square. When each piece was taken by a guest, the same picture of Jason was revealed underneath
Read more from the Jason Levy Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Lasky place cards
For this New York themed Bat Mitzvah, guests received Metro Cards, which were place cards. Read more from the Lasky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Hirsch place cards

Bowling pin flashlights were used as lane assignment holders for Bryan’s Bowling Bash at 300 Long Island. See more of the Bryan Hirsch Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here



Mandel cake 


Who doesn’t love the Mitzvah cake! Check out these great ideas from our past Mitzvah Family Spotlights.


Ackerman cake

Cutout silhouettes of each sport that Alex plays decorated his Bar Mitzvah cake. Read more about the Ackerman Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Ron candle lighting

This glamorous cake tied in with Danielle’s Bat Mitzvah theme. Read more from the Ron Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Bennett cake

 Splashes of color on Matthew’s cake looked great at his Paintball themed celebration. Read more from the Bennet Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Mikayla: Ek Productions

Mikayla’s colorful Bat Mitzvah cake. Read more from the Meltser Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here




Sometimes it’s the special touches your guests remember the most!



Brodsky candy girl

This “live” candy girl was a big hit at this Bat Mitzvah celebration in Florida. Read more from the Brodsky Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Segeman Mitzvah thank you
The Bat Mitzvah girl spray-mounted photos to the inside of each thank you card so every guest received a photo of themselves at the celebration! Read more from the Segelman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

 Laff cupcakes
At the end of this Bat Mitzvah celebration, guests were surprised with a dessert waiting for them outside. A cupcake truck handed out cupcakes named after famous tennis players – in keeping with the theme!  Read more from the Laff Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight here

Once again we thank all of the families for allowing us to share their ideas with our readers. Many of you have written in to say how helpful they have been.

If you would like your child’s celebration to be spotlighted, please contact us at [email protected]

To see all of our Mitzvah Family Spotlights archived on, click here.



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