The Beinhaker Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Beinhaker Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


The Beinhaker family from Westfield, New Jersey, celebrated son Camden’s Bar Mitzvah over Labor Day weekend, August 30-September 1, 2013, at Camp Kinder Ring in Hopewell Junction, New York.

It was a weekend celebration that offered all of the excitement of sleepaway camp in just three short days.

Camden, who has never gone to sleepaway camp, was able to enjoy it for the first time with his family and friends.

Pictured L-R: Sister Lleyton, Mom Anita, Bar Mitzvah Boy Camden, Dad Mitchell and Sister Aylinn.


The photographer was Matt Petricone and the rest of the vendors are listed at the end of the spotlight.








Jennifer Wilner of White Wave Graphics designed the invitation and Matt Kennedy from Digital Craft Design and Fabrication Services is the artist that did the wood burning for the invitations. They both really set the tone for this invitation by creating the “rustic” feeling of camp.


Beinhaker invite 

We love the different font styles




Camp Kinder Ring is a sleepaway camp located in Hopewell Junction, New York, and a wonderful location for a special weekend.


 Beinhaker venue

With the beautiful tree-lined entrance guests pulled up to a red banner that read, “Camp Camden”




The theme, camp of course! Danielle Gorman owner of Magnolia West Events helped the family plan and incorporate incredible details starting with the entrance. As guests drove down a tree-lined path they were greeted by poster size photos of Camden which hung on trees.


Beinhaker details

This photo was the first, Camden as a newborn. There were photo posters of Camden up to age 12

Beinhaker details

There were also directional signs to all activities and events posted on large tree trunks




The Beinhakers looked great throughout the weekend with different outfits for the casual photo shoot, the service and the party.


 Beinhaker lake

The family posed in their camp chic outfits by the lake before Friday night services


Beinhaker service

Green was the accent color for Saturday morning services

Beinhaker Family style

 They looked great in their party clothes




The logo, also created by Jennifer Wilner, was seen throughout the party.



 Beinhaker logo



There were many great camp elements incorporated into the party. Close family friends arrived on Friday night and as they checked in, they received weekend agendas, camp maps and “Camp Camden” blankets to keep them cozy at night. Saturday morning a chartered bus brought Camden’s guests. The kids enjoyed a boxed breakfast and a movie on the bus.



Beinhaker venue

Camp Camden check-in

Beinhaker details

The fun-filled weekend schedule

Beinhaker details

A map of the camp with guest names and bunk location




The Friday night Shabbat dinner ended with a chocolate fondue in the canteen along with fun games. During the service Saturday morning, a passing shower threatened to wet the Torah so the Rabbi lead the guests indoors to finish the ceremony. This added to the “go with the flow” camp feel.


Beinhaker family

The family at Friday night services

Beinhaker service
Saturday morning services took place lakeside with over 200 guests to share the special occasion

Beinhaker service

Friends of Camden’s distributed prayer books to guests

beinhaker service
Magnolia West Events created a beautiful arch of branches for Camden’s service.  Pictured here is Camden with Rabbi Joshua Leighton of Temple Emanu-El, Westfield, New Jersey

Beinhaker lunch
 After the service, guests feasted on their favorite comfort food at a BBQ lunch

Beinhaker kiddush by the lake

And then, thankfully the sun came out!




After lunch, Camden’s friends went head-to-head in a friendly color war competition. The other guests enjoyed activities by the lake, pool and around the camp, including: tennis, boating, hockey, hiking and water trampoline.



Camden enjoyed the day!

Beinhaker fun

Ice cream and camp…the perfect combination

Beinhaker color war

Happy campers took time to pose

Beinhaker fun

No sleepaway experience is complete without fun on the lake! 

Beinhaker fun
Camden and a friend

Beinhaker color war

A friendly tug of war competition


Guests enjoyed Camden’s Trail Mix Bar, an ice cream bar and refreshments


A few guests were excited to “decorate” Camden’s cabin




Camden made quite the entrance after the showing off his custom movie trailer created by Matt Petricone.



Beinhaker entrance video

This James Bond-loving Bar Mitzvah boy made quite the entrance!
Watch here





Magnolia West Events embraced the location and added many great decor details for Camden’s reception.



 Beinhaker decor

The real Camden next to a life-size poster of Camden


Pictures of the Bar Mitzvah boy strung with twine along the walls

Beinhaker decor

Burlap table cloths added to the rustic chic camp feel

Beinhaker decor

Using natural elements, and logo’d mason jars, the tables were transformed!

 Beinhaker details

Sliced wood with numbers painted in red were used as table numbers

Beinhaker details

The custom menu with the Camp Camden logo

Beinhaker details

Large canoes filled with drinks were a clever touch

Beinhaker dessert

Cupcakes were beautifully displayed on tree stumps





Camden’s mom Anita thought of this great sign-in idea using two oars!


Beinhaker sign in




MC Jay Della Valle and Spinners Entertainment had the guests of all ages dancing through the night.




Beinhaker dj

Camden up in the chair for the Horah. Check out the ceiling Gobo!

Beinhaker dj

Hanging with the dancers




Camden had a special and creative “fish” candle lighting ceremony. As you will see below, guests lit a fish candle and then followed Camden out to the lake where additional guests lit a candle, made a wish and set them afloat. 



Beinhaker candle lighting

The fish candles displayed on the candle lighting table

Beinhaker candle lighting
Camden with his sisters

Beinhaker candle lighting
Camden with his Mom and Dad were all smiles

Beinhaker lake candle lighting

What a beautiful end to his candle lighting service

Beinhaker smores

A bonfire on the shore with s’mores ended the evening




MR Designs and Promotions created blankets that were given to all guests at check-in.



Beinhaker favors

 The warm blankets featured Camden’s logo 




After a night of partying, guests enjoyed brunch on Sunday morning with a candy bar at check-out before heading home.



Beinhaker sunday brunch 





Camden has loved building and creating with Legos since he was a toddler. Camden realized that Legos are quite expensive and not every child has the opportunity to enjoy them. He decided that he would collect used and new Lego sets for the Plainfield YMCA and underprivileged kids who use the facility. Lego sets help inspire children to create and help them develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Legos also help children learn to think in three dimensions in construction and design. 





Some advice from Mom Anita:
“Plan, plan and plan some more! Hire the best planner and try to remember all the little details.”




The following vendors helped to make Camden’s celebration special. If you give any of them a call, please let them know you read about their services on


Venue/Caterer: Camp Kinder Ring, 845-221-2771
Rabbi: Rabbi Joshua Leighton, Temple Emanu-El
Party Planner:
Danielle Gorman, Magnolia West Events, 201-579 – 0542
Photographer: Matt Petricone, 973-868-9043
Music Entertainment:
MC Jay Della Valle, Spinners Entertainment, 917-749-6035
Magnolia West Events
Favors: MR Designs and Promotions, 908-928-9400
Invitation: Jennifer Wilner, White Wave Graphics, 201-892-8343
Invitation:Matt Kennedy, Digital Craft Design and Fabrication Services, 503-381-6414
Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes, 973-763-8986
Entrance video/montage: Matt Petricone
board: Mom, Anita Beinhaker
Arch during service: Magnolia West Designs
Programs and maps: White Wave Graphics
Fish candles: Crafted Candles, 800-635-0274
Dresses for family members Friday Night Services:
Suits for family members
: Calvin Klein
Transportation: Rolling V. Transportation Services
Party security: Camp Kinder Ring





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