The Altman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Altman Bat Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Altman family from Newton, Massachusetts, celebrated daughter Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah on January, 18, 2014, with a  Saturday morning service at the Newton Marriott in Newton, Massachusetts.

Later that evening it was time to celebrate at the WGBH Television Studios in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mom Caroline has a gift business specializing in monogrammed gifts and many of the little touches at the party and throughout the weekend were done by her.

Pictured L-R: Sister Lily, Dad Dave, Bat Mitzvah girl Jessica, Mom Carrie and sister Abby. 

The photographer was C.A. Smith Photography and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

Altman Invite

Hopple Popple Events created the modern purple acrylic invitation with white font

Altman service
A “synagogue” was created in the Newton Marriott by Atlas Floral. They did a beautiful job re-creating these Chagall windows and custom purple Bimah. They also did a custom ark to match the color scheme

Altman service
The view from the back of the ballroom for the service

Altman decor

The “Mazel Tov Jessica” bags were little candies that were thrown at Jessica after she completed her Torah portion


  Altman decor

 Atlas Florists did the decor for the Friday night dinner and kiddush luncheon after services. We love the modern geometric linens!

 Altman decor
Whimsical centerpieces on the buffet

Altman family

This stylish family looked great. Sister Lily in pink tulle, Mom Caroline wearing a floor length beaded Anne Bowen gown, Bat Mitzvah girl Jessica wearing a cocktail dress with beading and tulle, Dad Dave in a custom suit by Beckenstein Fabrics and sister Abby in a purple satin cocktail dress

 Altman decor

 The cutting-edge studios of Boston’s public broadcasting station WGBH is one Boston’s most unique event spaces. It was transformed into a wonderful party space for Jessica and her guests

 Altman montage

 This venue includes a theater, the perfect place to watch a montage

Altman decor

  The team from Hopple Popple Events along with NYC based Atlas Florist collaborated on the stunning design and flawless execution. With a purple and white color palette, the decor was modern and chic. Large screens with Jess’ name and photos surrounded the room


Altman details

 Customized throw pillows decorated the lounge


Altman decor

 Contemporary flower chandeliers appeared to hang from above, along with the up lighting that provided a glow in the room 

Altman decor

 Communal tables with purple linens and white accents with chairs and napkins

 Altman decor

The flowers and vases were acrylic and were custom made through Mom’s company, Caroline Eva

 Altman details
Every décor detail was accounted for including coasters

Altman decor

 Back lit bar with Jessica’s name in different fonts was a great decor element in the room

Altman out of town bags

This raffia bag, filled with awesome goodies, was placed in the hotel rooms of out-of- town guests.  The custom ribbon was used to tie the raffia hotel bags and on trays for the kippot for Friday night dinner and Shabbat services

Altman details

 Some of the candy treats inside

Altman details

Stylish cosmetic case perfect for the weekend


Altman details

 Custom soap jar and paper towels in the ladies room

 Altman details

 Hair ties, custom logo mints and personalized lip balm beautifully placed in different sized glass apothecary jars


Altman details

Customized mints

Altman entrance
Guests were wowed when Jessica made her dramatic entrance

Altman DJ

The DJ set-up included a custom stage with Jessica’s name

Altman DJ

Northern Lights Entertainment did an awesome job of playing great music that kept everyone on the dance floor all night long

Altman sign in

The sign-in book had an acrylic cover with a custom logo

Altman food

 Guests raved about the food from Catering by Andrew out of Brookline, Massachusetts. An amazing display with purple flower ice sculptures which incorporated Jess’ logo!

 Altman food

 Modern white trays were used for serving hors d’oeuvres
 Altman Food

Food was delicious and beautifully presented

Altman favors created the sweatshirts and black hats for boys. Mom Caroline did the favor bags and the purple beenie hats for the girls.  The bags were lined up in cubbies waiting for guests to pick up at the end of the night

Altman favors

 Back of the sweatshirts
 Altman favors

 Knit Beanie hats for the girls, the boys received the same in solid black

Altman favors

 Jessica’s camp friends loved their hats!

Altman exit treat

 Custom soft pretzel bar for dessert as guests left the reception

Altman details

Beautiful branded napkins and coffee cups

Mitzvah Project:
Jessica loves water. Her friends always joke that she is always drinking water. Jessica raised $10,000 for a charity called charity:water. As a result she will have a well in her name in Nepal. Here is the thank you letter she sent to all of her guests that donated to this special organization:

“Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! I am so grateful to all of you who generously contributed to my charity: water campaign!! With all of your help, I was able to raise $10,000!!! As a result, there will be a new dug well in Nepal that will have my name on it. Nepal is known for its beautiful Himalayan Mountains, deep valleys and richly flowing streams — but many of its water sources are contaminated by naturally-occurring arsenic. Half of the kids living in Nepal are underweight and 60% of childhood deaths are due to malnutrition, which is made worse by dirty drinking water. Sanitation is also a major concern. As you’re probably already aware, charity: water’s “Dollars to Projects” takes charity one step further. They will show us the impact of our gift by describing the details of the project our money made possible and so successful. This is the first time I ever got involved in raising money for a good cause and the experience was so great that I will definitely try to help others again. I am so grateful to all of you for helping me make this Mitzvah Project possible! Now I just need to convince my parents to take me to Nepal to visit my  ‘Jessica Altman’ well which was made possible by all of your generosity.”

 Altman Mitzvah Project
Jessica with a water container

Some advice from Mom Carrie:
“Don’t forget who the party is for and who you are celebrating! We had a 250 person party with 105 kids. Throughout the planning process we always made sure that we were planning a party For Jessica celebrating Jessica. My next piece of advice would be to include your child and listen to her suggestions and ideas. She goes to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs every weekend. Make sure you ask her what has been successful at past parties she has gone to and enjoyed.”

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Jessica’s celebration special. If you call any of these vendors, please let them know you read about their services on

Service/Shabbat dinner venue: Newton Marriott, 617-969-1000
Service Decor/florist: Atlas Floral, NYC location, 212-707-8355
Reception venue
: WGBH, 617-964-6550 
Reception party planner: Hopple Popple, 617-964-6550 
Caterer: Catering by Andrew, 617-731-6585
Music Entertainment/MC: Northern Lights, Boston: 978-443-0025, New York: 212-213-2030
Photographer: CA Smith Photography, 207-468-8367
: Lucky Quarter Productions, 617-418-7640
Girls purple hat favors/bags: Mom Carrie, Caroline Eva Gifts, 617-244-7879
Sweatshirt Favors/boys hats:, 516-466-5728
Invitation/Cupcake Cake: Hopple Popple, 617-964-6550
Custom Sign-In book/Photo props: Mom Carrie, Caroline Eva, 617-244-7879
Bathroom décor/Custom logoed cups: Mom Carrie, Caroline Eva, 617-244-7879
Dress for Mom: Personal shopper to Anne Bowen, 212-951-1102
Suit for Dad: Custom suit by Beckenstein Bespoke, 800-221-2727  
Transportation for hotel guests: Prism Livery, 877-583-2247


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