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Bar Mitzvah Service in Israel/Basketball Themed Party In New York

Bar Mitzvah Service in Israel/Basketball Themed Party In New York

The Taub family from Rye Brook, New York traveled to Israel to celebrate son Zachary’s (Zack) Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Friends and family joined them in Israel for a week of touring and special dinners. Two months later there was a Final Four basketball themed celebration back home in New York.

Everything centered around basketball as well as the importance of being a team player. Since the party was held on April Fools Day, the Taub family wasn’t fooling around, well maybe just a little, as you will see the date was cleverly worked in to the theme of the evening, All Four One (4/1).

Pictured above L-R: Dad Daniel, Sister Lily, Bar Mitzvah boy Zachary and Mom Jacey.

The photographers were Jordan Polevoy in Israel and Lucibelle Photography in New York. The rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.

 Bar Mitzvah Service In Israel

Celebrating Zack’s Bar Mitzvah at the beginning of the trip set the tone for the week. It was special to incorporate family artifacts and traditions into their service. In addition to traveling with Zack’s great-great grandfather’s wine, there was a prayer book Zack read from that his great, great grandmother carried with her on the boat from Poland when she escaped the atrocities there.

Bar Mitzvah Logo’s and Taglines

 New York Celebration

This basketball family wanted a place where they could party with their friends and still watch the the Final Four games without everyone around a big TV. The Westchester County Center was the perfect venue.

Bar Mitzvah Food 

Bar Mitzvah Moments

Bar Mitzvah April Fools

 Bar Mitzvah DJ Entertainment

Interactive Fun

Bar Mitzvah Favors

Mitzvah Exit Treats

Mom Advice from Jacey

“I tried to focus on what this life cycle event really meant. I attempted asking Zack questions to spark conversations about his Torah portion and remind him how lucky we were to live in a country where we could practice our religion however we wanted. Everyone loves a great party, but I felt it was important to remember why we were celebrating. I would advise not to discuss your event with other parents because stress breeds stress. It was important to us to incorporate tradition, family, friends and our meaningful Israel trip into our party.

There were a lot of details to keep track of. I think my lists had lists! I found Mitzvah Organizer to be incredibly helpful keeping these lists organized. It was very user friendly and if I ever had a question, someone got back to me immediately. All of the information (phone numbers, addresses, contacts, gifts, thank you notes, and number totals!) for every event — the trip, the service, the morning event, the game, the party – was in one place and always accessible. Priceless, really! Also having a planner like Monique Banks was a huge help. One of Monique’s greatest talents is the ability to have an overall vision of the evening.  She was able to execute and help manage all of the details.  Additionally, we have a lot of out of town family. Monique handled all of the day of preparation, so we were able to enjoy being with them. We knew that everything was being set up the way we wanted it to be.

Lastly, remember that the evening flies by in a millisecond so don’t freak out about the little things. If something goes wrong, no one knows but you. I gave both of my kids a talk before their respective Mitzvah parties about their energy setting the tone for the evening. I am a true believer that the things which make a good party great, are organic. It is all about the feeling in the room.”

Zack Mitzvah Project

The Taub family felt strongly that although Zack’s Bar Mitzvah service was held in Israel, they wanted more than just a big birthday party at The Westchester County Center. They accomplished this by inviting friends to The Mann Center, part of the Jewish Board’s Hawthorne Cedar Knolls (HCK) Residential Treatment Center  to give back. This is a home that provides mental health, social, and therapeutic services for at-risk youth. Additionally, while in Israel, the Taub family volunteered with a great organization called, Brothers for Life whose mission is to empower injured combat soldiers. 

Vendor Directory

The following vendors helped to make Zack’s Bar Mitzvah special. If you give any of them a call, let them know you read about their services on

Venue: Westchester County Center, 914-995-4057
Invitation Idea and Wording: Mom Jacey/Executed: Leslie Goldberg, Out of the Box, 914-934-2323 
Favors/Logo/Silhouettes: So Zily, 917-680-8377
Party Planner: Monique Banks, Party! by Monique, 914-714-2527
Music: MC Chris Porter, Total Entertainment, 201-894-0055
New York Photographer: Tiffany Oelfke, Luciebelle Photography, 718-858-4328, 917-291-0095
Israel Photographer: Jordan Polevoy, [email protected], +972 52-399-2969, 505-375-0005
Videographer: Steve Portney, SLP Video Productions, 914-282-1616
Israel Logo: Shira Rosenbaum, Simcha Design, [email protected]
Décor: Great Neck Games, 516-747-9191
Mitzvah Project Rubber bracelets: So Zily, 917-680-8377
Board: Amazon
Mom Jacey Dress: J&A Estrada, 914-219-8700/Lily’s dress: Bloomingdales 
Suits: ZLife, Rye Brook, 914-937-5433
Stylist: New York Style Editor, Tish Richard, 917-796-8708
HairAsher & Tonya Khafizov Numi & Co, 914-921-6864
Makeup: Valerie Guglielmo, 914-320-0944
Transportation: Red Oaks Transportation, 914-694-2222


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