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Bari’s Bat Mitzvah Blizzard

Bari’s Bat Mitzvah Blizzard

Saturday December 19, 2009 was the date for Bari’s Bat Mitzvah – the forecast wasn’t good. “Record breaking blizzard with whiteout conditions,” that’s what the weatherman said. The Havdalah service was at Temple Or Elohim on Long Island followed by a party 1/2 hour away in Island Park, NY.

Jodie and Rich Yorke had to make a tough decision, and at 3:00pm they decided to postpone their daughter’s party but go ahead with the service which was now going to begin 4:30pm. They hoped Bari’s friends and family would still make it to the service despite the weather.

Bari did a great job and the sanctuary was filled with her friends and family who drove in the snow to be there with the Yorke family as Bari became a Bat Mitzvah.

Then something wonderful happened…

No caterer, no staff, no centerpieces, no photobooth or games for the kids, no placecards, no DJ, MC or dancers, no bartender, no cocktail hour, but one terrific impromptu party began!

The Yorke’s have great friends and they arranged to have tables with paper cloths set up while the service was going on and also arranged for beverages and a local Italian restaurant to deliver some pizza and hot food.

Yorke food

Hot food on a snowy night for the guests to eat

Bari and her friends

Bari’s friends present her with special home-made gifts!

Thankfully, Temple Or Elohim recently renovated and has a spacious room with a built-in dance floor, lighting and sound system. Random CD’s were found in the DJ booth and guests took turns playing music so everyone could dance, even the horah with the family up in chairs! Somehow a cake was there for a mini candlelighting as friends took digital pictures and even the montage was played.

Kids Yorke

Bari’s friends smile for a candlelighting photo

Weiner's Yorke party

The Yorke’s are so grateful to all their friends, especially Andrea and Marc Wiener for helping to make this party happen!

All the adults looked around the room and realized the kids and everyone in attendance were having a great time in spite of the lack of usual entertainment provided at Mitzvahs. It was a great lesson to all of those in attendance that you just need to celebrate what’s truly important – being together.

DJ Yorke

Guest Steve Garten plays DJ!

Congratulations Bari and the Yorke family on your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. A celebration all of us will be talking about for years to come!

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