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Camp Themed Micro Bat Mitzvah

Camp Themed Micro Bat Mitzvah

The Cohen family celebrated their daughter Hayden’s Bat Mitzvah in October. They had their service overlooking the beach at Orienta Beach Club in Mamaroneck, NY. This was their original venue and they were thrilled that they were able to have a covid safe environment. After the service, their guests enjoyed a luncheon outside under a tent and were entertained by watching the montage and tricks from a strolling mentalist. The next day, a food truck set up at their home so Hayden’s school and camp friends could stop by in small groups to celebrate.

Pictured above (L-R): Mom Debra, Bat Mitzvah girl, Hayden, brother Josh and dad Larry. The photographer for their Orienta Beach Club event was Elana Goodridge and Jessica Shayn Photography for the next day at home. The rest of their vendors are listed at the bottom.

Day 1 Details

Day 2 Details

Mom Advice From Debra

“In the end, this was not what we originally planned, but we realized it was the perfect intimate celebration and that a small gathering was very meaningful. We knew from the beginning that we were not rescheduling and wanted to celebrate Hayden in whatever way was safe and allowed. There are still so many fun ways to celebrate, even on a small scale.”

Mitzvah Project

Their Temple, Congregation Emanuel of Rye has a program called, Hineni where the kids participate in community service all year long. However, while home in the spring, Hayden participated in “Bakers Against Racism.” She sold over 100 challahs and donated $1000 to the Southern Poverty Law Center and several more challahs to Caritas, a local organization that provides fresh meals to those in need in Portchester. Hayden also volunteered monthly at Pleasantville Cottages. She would visit with kids and hang out, have dinner and do crafts.

Bat Mitzvah Vendors

Venue: Orienta Beach Club, 914-698-1900
Photographer: Elana Goodridge, 917-270-9365 (Saturday), Jessica Shayn Photography, 914-830-9478 (Sunday)
Invitations: Leslie Goldberg, Out of the Box NY, 914-934-2323
Decor/Box Hedge with Balloons: Sammz Designz, 203-893-6317
Yard Sign: Yardbird Greetings, 917-202-7223
Favors/Step n Repeat: Ellen Elmaleh, Triple Eee Productions, 917-727-4197
Mentalist: Chris Anthony, 718-518-8030
Menu: MaxandMae, Etsy
Board: Personalized Jenga from Etsy
Dresses: Hayden’s, Blue by Christina 917-214-5030, Debra’s, Saks Fifth Avenue
Suits: Josh, Lubin’s of Westchester, 914-713-0300, Larry, Bloomingdale’s
Hair: Stacey, Beauty Bar, 914-939-7800
Make-up: Michelle Zadrima, 914-548-1647
Montage: Ben Seligson, 631-965-9500
Food Truck: DCW Truck, 203-309-7266

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