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Hanukkah Special: Get $18 Off Mitzvah Organizer!

Hanukkah Special: Get $18 Off Mitzvah Organizer!

Is the spot “formerly known as the dining room table” now the hub of your Bar Bat Mitzvah planning? We have a simple way to reduce the stress.


For the past 5 years, hundreds of families successfully used Mitzvah Organizer to coordinate all the details in one place. Families love it because they can:

• Access their information anytime and on any device: laptop, phone or tablet
• Enter their proposals, contracts and notes in one place – no more piles, binders or folders
• Track everything: invite lists, RSVP’s, seating charts, temple honors, clothing size for favors, thank you notes and more
• Create shareable reports, spreadsheets and summaries for “key players” such as your party planner, Rabbi, and calligrapher to name a few.

Get Mitzvah Organizer and get on with the rest of your life!

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