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10 Most Popular B Mitzvah Games

10 Most Popular B Mitzvah Games

No party is complete without entertainment to keep the kids busy and having fun. B Mitzvah dancefloor games are a surefire way to hype up (and eventually tire out) a room full of teens eager to party. With word from some of the top B Mitzvah DJs and entertainers around, here’s a list of the 10 most popular B Mitzvah games. Happy planning!

Musical Chairs: A classic game that all of your party-goers will know, musical chairs will bring your guests back to their childhood as they have move with skill to stay in the game. This can be fun as you play your favorite music in the background and end with a prize.

Dance Contest: Your child’s bar and bat mitzvah is going to be all about music! Get your guests involved by having a dance contest. This could also be a freeze dance contest, a silly dance contest, or a classic dance off.

Treasure Hunt:  You and your child can make a fun treasure hunt where your guests have to find items throughout the space. This can include things your child loves, leading up a grand prize.

TP Mummy: Create a teams of a few people where one person gets wrapped up in toilet paper by their teams. With music in the background, the teams have to wrap up a teammate until it stops. The person with the most wrapped up person, gets a prize.

No Hands Game: Use objects like balls or fruit that your teen and their friends have to place under their chin. They then have to place it to the next person without using their hands. The team that gets it successfully to each team member wins a prize.

Limbo: Another classic for all guests is limbo! Get the music cranking as two guests continuously lower and lower the limbo poll.

Hula Hoop Contest: Hand out a bunch of colorful hula hoops to your guests and have them twirl and move — without dropping them to the floor. The first person who keeps there hula’s going the longest wins a fun prize.

Name that Song: Party-goers have the chance to test their listening skills where your DJ plays a snippet of a song and guests have to guess what it actually is. You can also do this with teams as you guests work together to name that song.

Coke or Pepsi: A popular bar mitzvah games that involves two teams (named Coke and Pepsi) who form lines parallel to one another. A name of a participant is called and then that players runs to the opposite team on the knee of their partner. If Dr. Pepper is called, both teams run to the middle and say the party hosts’ name. If Sprite is called, nobody runs. If someone does they are out of the game.

Balloon T-Shirt Stuff: Two teams are formed and one person on each team is given an oversized t-shirt that is sealed to the person’s body with an elastic band. When the game starts, teams blown up balloons as quickly as they can and stuff as many balloons as they can into the t-shirt in a certain amount of time. When time is called, the balloons are counted where the team with the most balloon wins.

What are some of your favorite bat and bar mitzvah part games?

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