14 Creative Ways To Use Your Logo From Start To Finish | MitzvahMarket | MitzvahMarket 14 Creative Ways To Use Your Logo From Start To Finish 14 Creative Ways To Use Your Logo From Start To Finish has worked with over 1,000 Bar/Bat Mitzvah families to come up with creative ideas for their child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah giveaways. Whether you need a T-shirt, hoody, zip-up, authentic Jersey, flannel pants or shorts, Sigg water bottles, Fleece blankets, beach towels or hats, their experienced in-house design team will custom create a unique logo and help you find the perfect giveaway for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

They also can create many additions and decor items for their clients to completely brand their event. Their goal is to design your party with a logo that can be used throughout your celebration. 

It will help your event have a more polished and pulled together look to have elements of your design and logo throughout your party. These special touches are what will make your party stand out.

From a step and repeat, like you see at the Oscars, to custom cocktail napkins and custom water bottles (great for candy bars) to auto mugs filled with hot cocoa at the end of your celebration.

Let one team execute your vision!

Here are 14 ways to maximize and incorporate your logo into your party from

1. STEP AND REPEAT – This gives your entrance the wow factor when you walk in to your celebration. It’s great to use for the backdrop for your pictures. Good from red carpet themes to anyone who wants to add that extra wow!

 2. COCKTAIL NAPKINS – This will give your guests a sense of what to look forward to and adds a polish to your event for a very small amount of money.

3. WATER BOTTLES – Great for candy buffets – cute for the kids to fill up as they leave with a favor that they will use again.

4. STAFF T-SHIRTS – Give your party walking decor with custom staff t-shirts. They add polish to your event. Print extras and your DJ can shoot them out on the dance floor to your guests. Very often you can use your logo and print inexpensive tees.


 5. LOUNGE PILLOWS It’s great to customize your space and add a little color and decor. Great to use with solid pillows and save one for your own child as a keepsake!


 6. VIP PRESS PASSES – These laminated place cards are a great way for the kids to know where they are sitting. They can be used with or without the lanyard as a place card.




7. CUSTOM CANDY & CANDY PACKAGING – You can add a little extra in your young guests giveaway bags or put these on the adult tables. It can also be an added bonus for the candy buffet.



8. FAT HEADS – Also known as vinyl clings. These oversized versions of your logo add that extra wow to your room and are great for the center of the dance floor. They can also be placed on a wall as a backdrop behind the DJ booth or in the kids lounge area.



9. HOSPITALITY BAGS – These are great for your out-of-town guests. Your guests receive a keepsake from the event that they will use over and over again. This will make your guests feel welcome and it’s a hint of what is to come.



10. CUSTOM BOTTLED WATERS – It’s a good idea to fill up your hospitality bag with custom bottled waters or you can hand these out at the end of the night as your guests are leaving. They come in cool shapes just like voss water.


11. WRISTBANDS – These are great to hand out on the dance floor and can also be used as napkin holders.


 12. AUTO MUGS – What a special way to say good night to your guests. Fill up the auto mug with hot cocoa or cider.

 13. Personalized Lip Balm – Many families are filling up the hospitality basket with something special for the girls and boys to take home.

14. Custom Baseball Hats – These can be used as a dance motivator and/or a special memory for everyone to take home.



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