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Mitzvah Inspire: LSI Denver Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire: LSI Denver Bat Mitzvah

This is not your typical Bat Mitzvah theme, but boy is it creative!

Combining the Bat Mitzvah girl’s initials with a theme based on the hit CBS show, CSI: Miami, they created a celebration filled with unique ideas for LSI: Denver!

So get your lab coats on and don’t worry, no one gets hurt!






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WM Events designed a contemporary scene at the Ritz Carlton Denver making a laboratory with sleek lucite, elaborate LED lighting, and elements all with a touch of hot pink and orange.

Photography by PhotoCraftz.


Mitzvah Inspire: LSI Denver

“The Usual Suspects” signage designated where guests found their place cards. Very clever!

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver black light

To find their seats, guests slid their place card underneath a black light to see their table number written in invisible ink

Mitzvah Inspire: LSI Denver
The Bat Mitzvah girl stands under her trademark thumbprint gobo

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver decor

The Bat Mitzvah girl’s work station (cleverly added as decor)

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver sign-in

The same logo was used on the sign-in board with pink and orange sharpies for guests to leave their messages

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver centerpiece

Test tube centerpieces look elegant in the pink flowers and go so well with the lucite chairs

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver menu card and magnifying glass
Menus with microscopic text and magnifying glasses so guests could see their menu options

Mitzvah Inspire: LSI Denver

Even the waiters got in on the theme wearing lab coats and serving in test tubes!

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver stencil plate
A LSI: Denver stencil was on each plate

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver photo props

Fun photo props for guest to use

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver photographer
We love the crime scene investigator, we mean photographer

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver picture favor

Photo favors with “Crime Scene Do Not Cross” and fun dress up props

Mitzvah Inspire LSI Denver favors
Guests received canvas bags with the LSI logo at the candy bar

Thank you to WM Events for sharing this fun Bat Mitzvah celebration with our readers.

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