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Mitzvah Inspire: Julialand

Mitzvah Inspire: Julialand

Event planner Judy Paulen of Judy Paulen Designs created a great Candy Land, we mean “Julialand” themed Bat Mitzvah that we had to share.


Photography was provided by Natural Expressions Photography who have locations in both New York City and Florida.


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We know candy is a popular theme for Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations and this is a great example of taking any child’s name and combining it with “land” to create a unique custom theme!

See pictures below:


Mitzvah Inspire Julialand signage

Large signage resembles the Candy Land game board

Mitzvah Inspire Julialand placecards

Great place card table using the Candy Land theme

Mitzvah Inspire: Judy Paulen Designs placecards Julialand

Close-up of each individual place card

Mitzvah Inspire: Judy Paulen Designs Julialand decor

Very colorful with chair cushions matching linens

Mitzvah Inspire: Judy Paulen Designs decor

Candy centerpieces

Julialand menu card

Menu cards continued the “Julialand” theme

Julialand napkins

Custom “Julialand” napkins

Mitzvah Inspire Julialand centerpieces

Real candy was part of the centerpiece decor

Mitzvah Inspire: Judy Paulen Designs cake
The “Julialand” cake looks like the actual game board!

Mitzvah Inspire Julialand Favor Bags
What a sweet and delicious way to end the night!

We thank Judy Paulen Designs for sharing pictures from this “Julialand” themed Bat Mitzvah.

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