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Juicy Couture Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Juicy Couture Themed Bat Mitzvah Party

Brad Austin Florals located in Hollywood, California, worked on the decor for a Bat Mitzvah girl with the initials J.C.; a perfect match for her Juicy Couture theme!

The party took place at the W Hotel and we love how they took the logo, the colors and Hollywood location and ran with it!

The party coordinator was Evie Steinberg of Be Our Guest and the photography was by Michael Brannigan of David Michael Photography.

Check out the creative details:



Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture entrance

Guests were greeted with a red carpet entrance and a custom step and repeat backdrop. Chains of giant Juicy Couture charm bracelets hung in place of velvet ropes

Mitzvah Inspire: Juicy Couture
Their red carpet entrance was complete with a Joan Rivers impersonator

Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture sign-in

Guests signed in with special messages for the Bat Mitzvah girl on a pink rhinestone studded dress form

Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture dogs

The buffet decor was inspired by the Juicy Couture crest and featured four foot tall moss topiaries of the Scottie dogs with large pink crystal diamond eyes, pink rhinestone collars and monogrammed heart dog tags

Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture room

The center of the ballroom was designed with a large round glossy white dance floor with a custom embossed gold monogram in the center

Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture tables
The adult table centerpieces were a collection of giant floral perfume bottles and floral pillows topped with crowns

Mitzvah Inspire Juicy Couture kids lounge

The kids’ area featured lounge furniture covered in white patent leather and trees draped with giant pearls and spheres of roses overhead

Mitzvah Inspire: Juicy Couture
We love her fancy Horah chair!

We thank Brad Austin Florals for sharing this special Bat Mitzvah with our readers.


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