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Mitzvah Inspire: Dogs and Candy Themed Bat Mitzvah

Mitzvah Inspire: Dogs and Candy Themed Bat Mitzvah

Simon Elliot Events from Plainview, New York, photographed, provided entertainment and created many of the decor elements, for this dual-themed Bat Mitzvah celebration for the Beckett family.

Nicole’s Bat Mitzvah took place on March 14, 2015, at Temple Or Elohim in Jericho, New York. She loves animals, especially her Golden Retriever Maggie and a beloved Golden named Bella who passed away several years ago.

As is the case with most 13-year-old girls, she also has a sweet tooth, and simply could not make a decision between the two themes, so the family found a very creative way to combine both.

The day was also distinct for its numeric importance 3-14-15, known as Pi Day, which the family also acknowledged during the celebration.


Beckett Inspire custom invite
The custom invitations were purchased through stationer Celia Offir through Luscious Verde.  The illustration was done by Bonnie Marcus, who has a stationary line and is a friend of the Beckett family


Beckett RSVP

 The RSVP had some “sweet” verbiage and was also a clever way to order correct sizing for the kids’ sweatshirt favors

 Beckett Inspire animal and candy logo

 To creatively embrace the dual theme, the paw print logo with candy outline was created by a local graphic designer Lindsay Moore

Beckett Inspire animal and candy LED place card
The custom LED tower with Nicole’s logo around the border stood at the venue’s entrance and had the guests’ table seating listed

 Beckett Inspire animal and candy centerpieces2

The centerpiece cut-outs were created by Hi-Tech Studios from pictures taken from They included photos of some of Nicole’s favorite animals. They were put in vases that held coordinating candy for that particular animal. The candy above was dog-bone shaped

Beckett Inspire animal and candy centerpieces

 This cute and colorful centerpiece held gummy carrots for the Bunny table

Beckett Inspire animal and candy details

The Beckett family filled mini buckets with candy for guests to enjoy

Beckett pillows
Custom pillows were created with pictures of Nicole and her logo

 beckett step n repeat
The photo area included a custom Step-n-Repeat and Selfie Booth both from Simon Elliot Events

Beckett Inspire photo fun props
Fun props for the custom photo booth

 Beckett step n repeat
The Bat Mitzvah girl was picture perfect

 Beckett Inspire photo fun books

 Each guest who took pictures received their own photo album with custom cover wishing them a “Happy Pi Day!”


Beckett dog and cat
Entertainment Tonite provided the music entertainment had everyone on the dance floor

 Beckett Inspire animal and candy cake

 The Beckett family during the candle lighting ceremony

 Beckett Inspire animal and candy cake
Embracing the themes, this amazing cake was from Hasson Caterers


Beckett favors front

 Simon Elliot Events created the favors. For the girls, purple hooded sweatshirts with the Pi sign on front


Beckett family favors

 The back of the sweatshirt with the adorable logo 


Beckett Inspire animal and candy favor

Here is the boys’ version

Beckett Inspire animal and candy buffet mitzvah exit

A very sweet ending to a wonderful night included a candy buffet

Beckett Inspire animal and candy mitzvah exit pi day treat
The adult dessert party favor were custom packaged Pi(e)s from Martha’s Country Bakery

 Simon Elliot signage
Nicole next to a version of herself on the LED Tower with signage thanking her guests for celebrating with her

We thank Simon Elliot Events for sharing this great Bat Mitzvah with our readers.

Photography/Videography/Montage/Interactive games/Seating tower/Favors: Simon Elliot Events;
Venue: Temple Or Elohim; Invitation Rep: Celia Offir; Invitation: Lucious Verde;
Invitation Illustration logo; Bonnie Marcus Collection; Logo/sweatshirt sizing card: Lindsay Moore; Caterer/Cake/Candy wall: Hasson Caterers; Music Entertainment: Entertainment Tonite; Live Animals: Your Connection To Nature; Dessert adult party favor: Martha’s Country Bakery; Centerpieces Cutouts: Hi Tech Studios; Animal centerpiece photos: Shutterstock; Candy centerpieces: Candy Warehouse; Extra party giveaways: Rhode Island Novelties; Kippot:; Calligraphy for invitations; Ink Spun

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