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The Perfect Bat Mitzvah Night

The Perfect Bat Mitzvah Night

Our last Mitzvah Inspire from Victoria Dubin Events was called, The Perfect 9-10-11 Night.

Now she is sharing another celebration, this time for a girl named Nikki who wanted the theme of her Bat Mitzvah to be about “color.” By color she meant she wanted it to be playful, yet sophisticated, and show off her love of “art.”



Nikki has enjoyed drawing, painting and creating since she was a little girl. Her home has many of her favorite pieces displayed throughout and she wanted her Bat Mitzvah to be an opportunity for all to share her enthusiasm and zeal.

Below are fun pictures of Nikki’s “Color My World” celebration:


Nikki’s invitation featured a graphic created by Victoria Dubin Events of her name spelled out in colored pencils

They used this logo throughout her party as seen in the projections and video imagery that made the walls of the loft space come alive with color

You can see her logo on the wall and splashes of color on the floor

Upon arrival to her party, the first visual guests saw was the wall of vivid pantone colors

Once guests entered Nikki’s celebration gallery, there was no one in the room who could doubt her love of color, paint, art and fun. Splashes of paint were everywhere, dripping from the furniture, on light up tables and custom logo pillows. Special touches were colorful votive candles interspersed with bright colorful flowers emerging from paint cans as centerpieces

Custom paint splatter pillows

To further enhance the decor of the room, large drum style lampshades were suspended from the ceiling of the loft space and colorfully lit in the party colors, surrounded by gobos of paint splatter brushes. Throughout the night everyone felt they were surrounded by the many colors that Nikki loved

Nikki’s favorite part of her decor was the super sized paint brushes that sat atop the soda bar and flanked the DJ booth and light up dance stages 

The loft space is colorfully ready and set for guests

Throughout the night, guests were able to sign-in on Nikki’s paint board of colored pencils, paint cans and other art related items to express their good wishes


Many of Nikki’s friends got a special treat as there was an etch-a-sketch artist at the party that created personalized pictures of the children on mini etch-a-sketch boards to take home

As guests departed they were handed their own chocolate covered paint brush with Nikki’s thank you message

Nikki truly had the time of her life. While her party was fun, fabulous and filled with colors galore, the most beautiful part of the night was the love shared by all in the room and the smiles seen throughout the night. Nikki shined and truly was the highlight of this special Bat Mitzvah celebration. 

From Weddings to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events to Charitable galas, birthday celebrations and more, Victoria Dubin Events reflect signature style and originality. We thank them for sharing Nikki’s Bat Mitzvah celebration with our readers.

To learn more, visit their Website.

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