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Bar Bat Mitzvah Themes: It’s All In The Name

Bar Bat Mitzvah Themes: It’s All In The Name


Deciding your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah theme can be a challenge. Sometimes themes cleverly revolve around a Bar Bat Mitzvah child’s name or initials. Families can be very creative!

We found some samples that you will love…





You might want to re-name your child after viewing the samples below!



Saturday Night Live was the inspiration for Natalie’s Saturday Nat Live celebration from Abby Rose Photo


 O.M.G. are the initials for Olivia Morgan Goldstein! Check out her spotlight story here

 Phoebe’s celebration was “Phoebelicious” with a logo created by Amy Wohl from Fabu Designs
Check out her spotlight story here


 “AmERICA Runs On Candy” was the theme for Erica Levy from New Jersey

 Olivia used the phrase “Liv It Up” for her party from Abby Rose Photo

The familiar Jelly Bean became Jilly Bean for this Bat Mitzvah girl

For another Erica Levy it was “Smiles Across AmERICA”

The Verizon Center became the Zach Center for this basketball themed party
Check out this spotlight story here

From “Rachel” Brenner’s spotlight story, Amy Wohl created “The Art of Being OutRACHous!”

Very clever from Jersey Street Furniture…”Got The Moves Like Miller”

From Dancejock Productions, Madison’s Square Garden

Ermaopoly for a game lovin’ Bar Mitzvah girl from East 7th Street Promotions

Did you use your child’s name in their logo? Let us know at [email protected].

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