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EventPuzzles.com: A Unique Bar Bat Mitzvah Sign-In Option

EventPuzzles.com: A Unique Bar Bat Mitzvah Sign-In Option

‘Sign-ins’ are a wonderful way for guests to leave a special message for your Bar Bat Mitzvah child at their celebration.

We’ve found that many families are getting more creative when it comes to their Bar Bat Mitzvah sign-in options.

EventPuzzles.com provides custom sign-in puzzles for Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Hand-cut from wood, they can even engrave a logo or tagline directly on the puzzle as an added custom touch. They offer a wide range of puzzles to match the theme of your party; everything from sports to shoes to traditional Jewish symbols.

If they don’t have one that fits your needs, they can custom design one for you!



Bar Bat Mitzvah sign-in puzzle

Watch this short video about these unique sign-in puzzles



Let more about Event Puzzles by visiting their Website.

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