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5 Unique Bar Bat Mitzvah Themes From Crest Hollow Country Club

5 Unique Bar Bat Mitzvah Themes From Crest Hollow Country Club


Your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration is the joyous culmination of a very meaningful and important journey. It’s a time to usher them into adulthood with the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme and acknowledge a milestone that can only be reached once in a lifetime.

That’s why it deserves a once-in-a-lifetime celebration! Make your teen’s big day a reflection of their individual personality and taste by choosing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme and location that’s more than just a room. Choose Crest Hollow Country Club.



Which Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah theme is right for your family?

An Elegant Affair

Does your child gravitate toward the finer things in life? Do they love being dressed to the nines? Then a classy Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme in Crest Hollow’s Ballroom—which holds up to 500 guests—may be just what they’re dreaming of. Their Ballroom’s beautiful marble floors, atmospheric chandeliers and tasteful lighting will create the cosmopolitan ambiance your teen wants. Choose a sophisticated color palette for the invitations and decorations—think black, white, silver and gold—and opt for tapered candles and classic flowers, like roses, for centerpieces. They also offer Orthodox Glatt Kosher cuisine that’s prepared under rabbinical supervision. Don’t be surprised if your belle or beau of the ball chooses to arrive in style wearing a chic gown or tuxedo!

A Beach Bash

Does your child spend all summer running their toes through the sand and splashing around the Atlantic? Then a beach party Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme in either Crest Hollow’s South Beach or Coral Beach outdoor venue will blow them out of the water. Once they’re surrounded by waterfalls, palm trees, cozy fire pits and a white sand beach, your teen—and their guests—will feel like they’ve been transported to another destination! Blues and greens are the ideal color palette to bring the theme home, with vases full of sand and seashells as centerpieces. Mix up the party favor tradition by handing out sunglasses, bubbles and beach balls to guests as they arrive. For an extra relaxing party, suggest your teen and guests dress down in sundresses and board shorts with tropical button-ups.

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A Dance Club Blowout

Is your teen the life of the party? Do they love high-energy music and dancing? Then a dance club Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme in Crest Hollow’s Lounge may be the scene they’re looking for. With customizable state-of-the-art LED lighting, modern leather furniture and an expansive dance floor where a DJ from one of their exclusive vendors plays their favorite songs, your teen and guests will get the same red-rope experience as the hottest club. Skip the traditional color palettes and embrace neons. Having an assortment of glow sticks as centerpieces—including necklaces, glasses, bracelets and hats—is a sure way to get the party started. Give your event an exclusive vibe by replacing traditional invitations with personalized VIP Passes that must be worn for admittance into “the club.”

A Tuscan Festa

Is your teen a burgeoning international traveler? Then a Tuscan celebrazione Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme in Crest Hollow’s Veranda Bay venue—featuring European bistro seating and beautiful waterfalls—is the perfect way to quench their wanderlust. An invitation designed to look like an airline ticket to Italy will ensure your destination theme really takes off. Give your teen and guests a taste of Italy with selections from their menu of traditional Italian cuisine. Add some international flair to dessert by serving cannolis and zeppolis instead of cake!

A Garden Tea Party

Did your teen graduate from hosting imaginary tea parties with stuffed animals to serving real tea to friends? Then an outdoor garden party Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme in Crest Hollow’s North Garden or English Garden venue is sure to be their cup of tea. These lush venues, nestled on their 24-acre estate in the heart of Long Island, feature brick walkways, beautiful gardens and a quiet atmosphere that takes us back to a simpler time. Décor that’s classic and clean, like white linens and doilies, and arrangements of lavender, poppies and daisies are a great way to stay on theme. Your teen and guests will be eager to cozy up with their personalized tea bag party favors.

Your teen’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah dream theme can come true at Crest Hollow Country Club.

To learn more about Crest Hollow Country Club, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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