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Black Light Activities At Elevate Event Lounge

Black Light Activities At Elevate Event Lounge

Elevate Event Lounge is the newest and hottest venue to come to Westchester!

They are a private event facility that specializes in entertainment and can help you every step of the way when planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration making it as stress-free and fun filled as possible.


Looking for something different that you do not see at every party you attend?


Elevate Event Lounge has now started to do Black Light Activities during Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! They set up a Black Light Station to have Black Light reacting face paint done, or apply neon lipstick. They also have a specific amount of time when everyone (adults too!) will get one neon fabric marker and one white t-shirt that they can decorate. The best designed Black Light T-shirt is chosen by the guest of honor. Not only does someone win a prize, but everyone goes home with a custom memory!

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Watch a video of all the fun here!

To learn more about Elevate Event Lounge, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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